Exit Sandman: “I’m done, guys.”

Mariano Rivera has thrown his final pitch. The all-time saves leader said on Saturday that he will not take the mound during this series against the Astros, instead letting his Yankee Stadium finale serve as his final Major League appearance.

“I’m done, guys. I’m done. I gave everything that I have,” Rivera said. “I think Thursday was the game that I left everything on the field.”

Rivera said that he has been pitching with “tremendous soreness in my arm,” and that “I was giving everything. I left it there.” He said that giving the ball to Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter at the conclusion of Thursday’s appearance against the Rays gave him complete closure.

“I know it was the perfect moment. It was something I would have never expected,” Rivera said, adding, “I think I squeezed every ounce of fuel out of my tank. It is empty. I have nothing left.”


have you ever been banned?


Pettitte as a spring training instructor…He has no issue with this. You shouldn’t either.


Tim Romano ‏@Timmy_2_Shirts 2h
@RealMichaelKay @BryanHoch Yankees need starting pitching help, do you see them going for Masahiro Tanaka? He looks legit, Your thoughts?

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Bryan Hoch ‏@BryanHoch 1h
@Timmy_2_Shirts Yankees scouted him in Japan. I’d say there’s definitely interest.


You offered nothing in your predictions. You named a few free agents but this team will look at many. Only 6 players (?) are currently under contract.


There are just too many needs and options to go through every one. Unlike you I have a life. But where are your player predictions. Your predictions or beyond ridiculous and we know will never happen. Yanks talk to Torre? Yeah right. Pettitte helps out in Spring training? Not likely. Try coming up with some real significant predicitions rather than your ridiculous wish list of what you want to see in terms of your boyfriends.


Pedro, keep disses off the board.


Lincecum is talking extension with the Giants now.


So what, doesn’t mean that he will stay with Giants. He has already stated that he will take his time about signing a deal that he is agreeable to. He will do due diligence and entertain other offers, like the Yankees, the Giants are limited by payroll.


2014 Yankees

Yankees re-sign Kuroda 2-3 year deal
Yankees go hard after Lincecum but won’t get him, just as they won’t go after McCann, and Ellsbury. I could see this team go after someone like a Kazmir as a cheaper alternative.
Yankees will still have Crashman as GM, meaning this will stay an old team and we will still see the likes of CC and Tex on the roster, no one is going to take on a huge contract for a player who is declining as a player and most almost this entire season, that’s CRAZY!!!
You will see some shakeup in the FO this year though.


wrong? post yours!


Here’s another prediction:

bpuker will be wrong, as usual, about everything he just said. No surprise there.


How much better is Cano than Pedroia and Wright? That’s the question that Yankees have to figure out.


Here we go its going to be a wild offseason. Here is some predictions.

Cano signs with a National League team even though he will need to DH before the end of his contract.

Girardi goes to the Cubs. Yankees try to talk Torre into coming back not as coach but in the front office, advisory capacity.

Rivera stays retired. Pettitte contemplates returning and helps in spring training as an instructor.

Yankees move Sabathia or Texiera eating major salary.

Granderson leaves. Ichiro retires. Jeter comes back but won’t play regularly. Arod sits for full season.

Yankees make some coaching changes.

Rotation has atleast 3 youngers but Yankees add a veteran not Kuroda.

Meister gets banned again from weserious and dubcc.


Andy throws an absolute potato again with no run support. Thanks for everything Andy.


Astros fans cheering Pettitte.


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