Mariano Rivera: “It means the whole world to me”

Here’s what you need to know as the Yankees prepare for Mariano Rivera’s final game at Yankee Stadium, home game No. 81. Tonight’s starting pitchers are Ivan Nova (9-5, 3.13) and Alex Cobb (10-3, 2.90).

Rivera is expected to pitch tonight in what will be an emotional night for the retiring closer, and he was pleased to hear that the Yankees are expecting a sellout crowd for tonight’s game against the Rays.

“I appreciate that, it means a lot to me,” Rivera said. “It means the whole world to me. It’s amazing. I definitely appreciate the fans for that.”

Rivera said that he has not thought about what it will be like to enter a game at Yankee Stadium for the final time.

“I haven’t,” he said. “I’ve been so overwhelmed that I can’t anymore. When it happens tonight, we’ll see what happens.”

Other notes —

– I think it would be fun to see Rivera finally get a chance to play an inning in center field. It’s something he has requested, and Joe Girardi said he is “absolutely” considering doing it this weekend in Houston. Rivera wants to make clear that “this is not a joke” and he would take it seriously.

– Alex Rodriguez “does not have permission” to skip the Yankees’ season-ending trip to Houston, according to manager Joe Girardi. The New York Daily News reported on Thursday that Rodriguez may not travel for the club’s final three games against the Astros, instead remaining in New York to prepare for his appeal of a 211-game suspension, which is scheduled to begin Sept. 30. Brian Cashman said that the Daily News report is “a false story.”

– This is the Yankees’ first home game not being in the playoff picture since Oct. 3, 1993 against the Tigers.

– Girardi said on Thursday that he is not prepared to discuss his future with the club. Girardi’s contract expires after the season. The Yankees have expressed interest in retaining Girardi, who has also been linked to the Cubs and Nationals in published reports.

“That’s something for the offseason,” Girardi said. “Let’s get through these four days and then I can maybe start to address those questions. I’ve said many times: I’ve really enjoyed being here as a manager, a coach, a manager, a player, a broadcaster. I love my time here, but that’s not something that’s handled in-season, and I’ll wait until the offseason.”

– Girardi had little reaction to an report that second baseman Robinson Cano could be trying to land a 10-year, $305 million deal in free agency this winter.

“That’s not something that I discuss,” Girardi said. “You never know the truth of some of the reports that are out there. I’m glad I don’t necessarily have to worry about that kind of money.”


Extending your record?


Tell me Girardi have you lost your mind? Joba comes in in relief and almost BLOWS another one. What are you doing trying to help this clown audition for next year? Unreal. Chamberlain needs to retire and go jump on a trampoline.


Records are made to be broken Jason Mousa.


You got Sabathia and Arod but it will interesting to see if NY tries to move Texiera, he may be more appealing to other teams.


Say what you want about Joe as a manager and some decisions he makes but he is a class act. I would think when players hear what he masterminded for Mo’s last appearance that has to endear him as a manager and make coming to the Yankee organization more appealing. For him to send out Jeter and Andy to the mound to pull Mo out was a wonderful gesture and a real emotional moment for Moriano, one of many he won’t soon forget. It was a masterful move. I think with the team Joe had handed to him this year and the many guys in and out of the lineup all year Joe did a super job even getting them this close late in the year. He may not win coach of the year but certainly he should be a strong candidate.


Yankees going out in a whimper. Fitting for the kind of year they`ve had. This club is in serious trouble and needs a drastic overhaul for next season. Management has a lot of decision to make.


I really don’t think any major league teams will give Robbie Cano 10 years. Not just the Yankees, but lots of teams have been stuck with these contracts that after the player is 35 or 36 are lead weights. Players during the last 15 years have sometimes been very successful in their later 30’s, but hey, now everyone knows why (chemists). The truly great player who is still good in his late 30’s is extremely rare. Derek Jeter, Henry Aaron, Stan Musial, Mo, but ………..not even the Mick (mainly due to injuries) could keep playing in his late 30’s. I thought when the Yanks got Ichiro, he’d be automatic .300 even though he was old. I mean, he’s given what he has, but the truth is he is not the player he used to be. I’d love to see the Yanks resign Robbie Cano, but as a fan, I really don’t want to see him with more than five years on a contract. Give him his due, but after 36, let’s face it, it is one year at a time after that point.

Meanwhile…….the Rays are beating up on the Yankees, and I guess Mo will pitch the last inning, but ……..maybe he needs to pinch hit first in the bottom of the eighth, ’cause the rest of them can’t touch Cobb.


I agree it would be crazy to give a player like Cano anything longer than a 5 year contract, especially for anything more than $ 20 million per year. He’s put up very good stats over the years, but they don’t come close to justifying what he is asking for let alone over the $ 20 mill mark. He’s only hit 30+ HR’s once in his career and 100+ RBI’s 3 times in his career. His career numbers are more in line of a 5 year contract $ 15 – $18 mill per. I realize that most likely won’t be near enough to keep him, but this team has far too many holes on its roster to be overpaying for yet another player. Let him walk if he insists on more, this team is in trouble for years, it can’t afford any more Rodriguez-like contracts, especially for a player who hasn’t produced great numbers.


Hello Bryan Very inciteful article on a day that has great significance. It is obvious that come next season we’ll TRULY need a score card to figure out who’s on the team. Many will depart including Cano and I hope that if Girardi is as bright as I believe him to be he will find himself another club. Staying with the Yanks and it’s ownership plus Cashman, will make him a prime candidate for an ulcer. As always Ron Hirschkind Las Vegas


Mo at bats? Mo’riffic!


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