Let the music play: Yankees rookies dress up


Photo credit: @YankeesPR

It’s probably a good thing the Yankees won Sunday’s game, or this might have been a little bit awkward.

The Yankees had their rookies dress in a variety of wild costumes for the flight to Baltimore. The star of the show was Hiroki Kuroda’s interpreter, Jiwon Bang, who dressed in an iconic blue tuxedo like the one made famous by “Gangnam Style” performer Psy.

Brett Marshall donned a yellow suit like the one worn by Psy’s sidekick in last summer’s YouTube sensation, and the two of them actually gave a solid effort in replicating the dance moves across the clubhouse carpet. I wish I had a video to share. (Side note: the Psy official video has more than 16 million views. That’s amazing.)

The others, from left to right in the above photo: J.R. Murphy as Justin Bieber, Cesar Cabral as Rick James, David Adams as Vanilla Ice and Preston Claiborne as Billy Ray Cyrus (though Joba Chamberlain kept calling Claiborne “Joe Dirt”).

Strong effort, guys. I’m still partial to the 2007 ‘Wizard of Oz’ costume party as the Yanks’ best in recent memory.

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Hideki Matsui as a pimp…NUFF SAID!


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