Robinson Cano leaves game after being hit by pitch

TORONTO — The Yankees have managed to stay in the postseason chase despite numerous injuries to star players this season, with one of their constants being the presence of second baseman Robinson Cano.

That is now officially in jeopardy, as Cano was hit on the left hand by a 90 mph J.A. Happ fastball in the first inning of New York’s game on Tuesday at Rogers Centre. He was diagnosed with a left hand contusion, but was sent for precautionary X-rays.

Cano doubled over in pain and smashed his helmet several times into the turf after the plunking, attended to on the field by manager Joe Girardi and head athletic trainer Steve Donohue.

After a lengthy discussion, Cano stayed in the game and was on base when Alfonso Soriano crushed a three-run homer to left field on Happ’s next pitch. Cano then gathered his bats and headed for the clubhouse, where X-rays will surely be taken.

An American League All-Star this year, Cano is hitting .305 with 24 home runs and 85 RBIs in 131 games. He was replaced by Eduardo Nunez at second base for the bottom of the first inning.

It could be the Yankees’ second costly hit-by-pitch this season from the left-hander Happ, who also fractured Curtis Granderson’s right forearm with a pitch during the Yankees’ first exhibition game of Spring Training on Feb. 24.


Happ is a HAPLESS pitcher plain and simply. GREAT pitching by AP tonight. Guy might not be the same pitcher he was 5 years ago BUT unlike Hughes this guy will battle.


This friggin Happ breaks Granderson’s forearm, now hits Cano with a pitch and puts him out of the game and hopefully hasn’t broken anything. Why the hell does MLB tolerate pitchers throwing at batters, especially the good hitters it always seems. He was all over Gardner with his pitches as well and could have hit him. He can’t pitch to left handed hitters. He tries to pitch them way inside to keep them off the plate and ends up hitting them. And this being the second time this year Happ is still on the mound. Why the hell doesn’t he get thrown out of the game. Professional pitchers should know how to pitch and left handed pitchers should know how to pitch to left handed hitters without injuring them. I find this really friggin annoying that the same pitcher can do this. Happ got hit in the head with a line drive and was out for a long time. I saw it as divine justice. What goes around, comes around.


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