Quick hits: Derek Jeter, Take III

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greetings-from-torontoHere are the early notes as the Yankees (69-61) and Blue Jays (58-73) prepare to meet with the roof open here at Rogers Centre. Phil Hughes and R.A. Dickey are matching up for the 7:07 p.m. ET start:

Will this time be the charm for Derek Jeter? Since this is already Game 131, the Yanks certainly hope so. Jeter said that he can’t change anything about the way this frustrating “nightmare” season has gone thus far, but Joe Girardi said that if he had to choose any stretch of the year to have Jeter on the active roster, this would obviously be it.

There’s more from the Captain here. In one telling moment, Jeter acknowledged that he has not been able to work out his legs regularly since last year’s ALCS, which he seems to think is one reasonable explanation for why he has had so many health problems.

“I’ll try to do as much as I can to keep them strong for this last month, but all I can do is go out and play and hope everything’s fine,” Jeter said. “I can’t change anything that’s happened. I wish I would’ve had more time to do things, but I didn’t, and we are where we are. So now let’s move forward, and hopefully there’s no more issues.”

Even now, coming off a three-game rehab stint at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Jeter doesn’t seem to be 100 percent. The Yankees are saying things like they want Jeter to “run under control,” which boiled down means — please don’t go back on the DL for a fourth time. If he has to jog to first base on ground balls, as he was doing the last time he was active against the Rays and Dodgers in July, so be it. They’ll gladly make that trade.

Alex Rodriguez is hitting sixth in tonight’s lineup. Girardi said it was because he now has the ability to not stack so many left-handers in a row. A-Rod breaks up a group of Curtis Granderson (5), Lyle Overbay (7) and Ichiro Suzuki (8).

Eduardo Nunez, utilityman? That experiment is back in play with Jeter’s return. The Yankees don’t expect to get Jayson Nix back from his broken hand (remember how long it took Granderson?), so Nunez will be taking ground balls at shortstop, third base and second base. Girardi wasn’t sure if he’d play Nunez ahead of Mark Reynolds at third base.

The Yankees left Preston Claiborne behind in Tampa. He’ll be a Class-A Tampa Yankee for a week since their season ends on Sept. 1. You’d figure Claiborne would rejoin the big league club the next day.

Telling sign about where the Blue Jays are in their season: Girardi looked up during his press session in the dugout and was surprised to see Toronto was already finished with their BP. “We haven’t even stretched yet,” he said.

My Beat The Streak pick today: Robinson Cano. He’s 5-for-17 lifetime against Dickey. Streak is at one after Eduardo Nunez went 1-for-5 against the Rays Sunday.


I am with you 100% yankeecanada. Of course I have been saying this about Hughes for now 4 years. It makes NO sense at all. Right now can a Single A pitcher do any worse? Or getting someone off waivers, or Huff? I mean every 5th day it is an L. I don;t care who makes an error Hughes will NOT get out of the 5th inning in most games. WHY put him out there Joe? It is an automatic L and every Yankees fan knows it. One can blame the injuries for this year or Aroid’s problems for this year. BUT the main reason for the struggle has been inconsistent starting pitching led by Hughes and CC. Neither has done his job with ANY consistency. THE best thing that will come out of this season is that Yankee fans will NOT be seeing either Hughes or Joba next season. But those two only illustrate a failing scouting, development and minor league system within the Yankee organization. For this team to rebuild that must be addressed, ASAP.


someone please tell me why Girardi keeps putting Hughes out in the rotation. It’s a sure loss every 5th game. It’s happened over and over and they keep putting him out there. Is that all they’ve got as their 5th starter? Trade deadline came and went and either they didn’t try to trade him or if they did no one wanted him. Put him in the damn bull pen for a couple innings. He can do 4 innings but don’t put him past that. Hitters just teeing off on his breaking ball. They’re onto it by the 5th inning and knock it all over the park.The only things in his favor tonight is that he hasn’t given up any home runs. This is really getting damn frustrating to see Hughes and Joba go out on the mound and give a crappy performance. What’s with Girardi anyway? Why does he keep doing this? How many times do you have to see a pitcher pitch like this before you bench him or put him in the bull pen? Yankees need to win most of their games going down the stretch or they won’t see the playoffs this year. Wake the hell up.


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