Girardi: Right now, Hughes is in our rotation

"I have to find a way to turn this around." - Phil Hughed

“I have to find a way to turn this around.” – Phil Hughes

IN TWO PARAGRAPHS: How much length is left in Phil Hughes’ leash? That’s the big question tonight, and Joe Girardi only gave Hughes a lukewarm endorsement. No, Hughes wasn’t terrible, and an Ichiro Suzuki error surely dented his line a bit, but the Yankees seem to be running out of patience. Hughes allowed five runs (three earned) and seven hits in 4 2/3 innings to a Blue Jays team that is very clearly playing spoiler, and Toronto posted a 5-2 victory over New York on Monday at Rogers Centre.

Hughes’ record fell to a nightmarish 4-13 with the loss, but the Yankees have been reluctant to make a change in their rotation because they haven’t been sure there are better options in the system. David Phelps, Michael Pineda and Vidal Nuno all could’ve been in that mix, but injuries have taken them out of the running. Maybe David Huff (3 1/3 hitless innings with five strikeouts) has vaulted into play. Just because they haven’t talked about it doesn’t mean they won’t.

MANAGER’S TAKE: “Right now [Hughes is] in our rotation. We haven’t talked about taking him out of our rotation. I think he had a walk that scored; a couple walks hurt him today. We didn’t make the play behind him and it looks a lot different if it’s three runs in five innings.” – Joe Girardi


Ichiro: “If I could’ve just gone straight home from right field, I would have. I was that embarrassed.”

Hughes: “It’s been very difficult. Every time I feel like I make some progress the last couple times out, it seems like you have these hiccups and it’s the way the whole season has gone. It’s been difficult, it’s been a struggle. I guess every time you have one of these outings I try and look at the positive. I still have the opportunity to pitch in big games where it really matters and that’s all I can do. I can’t get down on myself or negative all the time. I just have to stay confident and aggressive every time they give me the ball.”

Derek Jeter: “All the games are important, but Toronto’s got a good team. They’re not just going to lay down and let us walk all over them. They have a lot of pride over there, they have a great team. Remember, coming into this season, they were supposed to run away with the division, so they have a good team. Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t figure out the knuckleball today.”


Two milestones – Alex Rodriguez hit his 650th homer and Brett Gardner picked up his 500th career hit in the loss … Derek Jeter went 0-for-3 with a walk and double play. … A-Rod has 35 homers at Rogers Centre, the most by any Blue Jays opponent. … The Blue Jays snapped a streak of 10 straight losses to the Yankees.


The Yankees give the ball to Andy Pettitte (9-9, 4.26) on Tuesday opposite the Blue Jays’ J.A. Happ (3-3, 5.10) in a matchup of lefties. First pitch is scheduled for 7:07 p.m. ET on YES. The Yankees have lost three of their last four games after carrying a five-game winning streak into this road trip.


Allan; Hughes has been doing this crap for three years. The guy is a BUST and the people responsible for him and Joba in the scouting area and minor leagues ought to be fired. Your are correct, he knows he is GONE and is going through the motions. So is Joba. When the rosters expand both ought to be sent to the farthest reaches of the bullpen and NEVER pitch in a Yankee game this year. Like I have posted before the BEST thing that will happen this year is that neither Hughes or Joba will pitch for the Yankees again.


Let me know ahead of time next time Hughes pitches so i can write ”Loss” on my Yankee Calendar and get caught up on my sleep.


O come on, lets just keep using hughes so we can keep on losing. We are good at that it seems. Management don’t seem to care anymore. Derek Jeter coulda pitched a better game!


He might be in our rotation now, but here’s the shocking notion, this should have been Phil Hughes’ last appearance in a Yankees uniform until we’re out of the playoff hunt. He’s put no effort in whatsoever this season knowing he was gone at the end of the year so he decided to just go through the motions – because lets be fair, even a minor piece of effort would correct the majority of his mistakes. It’s dire professionalism from Hughes who’s chucking the toys out of the pram rather than busting his behind to fix the problems which were stopping the Yankees being serious about resigning him. Instead he’s went “oh well, I’m not going to be here next year so why bother” and has been a batting practice pitcher the whole way. If you want an idea as to what should have happened take a look at Ivan Nova, got sent down, got angry about it, fixed himself up with something that’ll change the game & came back hungry to prove everyone wrong.
I’m not even going to put a ton of blame on Ichiro, lets be fair, that’s an error that you’ll expect to see once or twice a year, it’s bad but it’s one runner – it wasn’t Encarnacion who was the problem there, it was the men already on base. Besides that fact, we’re not dumb, we all know what Encarnacion CAN do and ultimately it’s a hell of a lot more damaging than it was. I feel for Ichiro because essentially the guy’s been used as a stick to beat Hughes when ultimately it’s all on Hughes – if he wasn’t such a dud, those 2 men wouldn’t have already been on base.
Tomorrow (today, whatever) is a new day, but it should herald a new ethos, no more Hughes until we’re going home.


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