A look inside the Yankees’ war room

I’ve been meaning to pass this along for a bit: the ‘Yankees On Demand’ crew has compiled a very well-done documentary going inside the Yankees’ war room as the Trade Deadline approached, which resulted in the acquisition of Alfonso Soriano from the Cubs.

You’ll get a look at the analysis and research that goes on behind the scenes at Yankee Stadium, with general manager Brian Cashman, assistant general manager Billy Eppler and others leading the way. Here’s the video:


Joba comes in with a 4 run lead in the 9th and can’t even get past the second batter before he’s pulled? He really is overweight and unathletic. That was pathetic his attempt to tag out the runner to 1st and just about broke his neck in the process. That was about the most awkward, bumbling tag I’ve ever seen a pitcher make. He just can’t do even an inning. He’s got to go. I can’t understand while he’s still around and still pitching from the bull pen. No body wants him and I guess they can’t send him to the minors. The keep him up and send Claiborne down instead.


What the hell did the umpire get fined for not ejecting Dempster when he obviously intentionally threw at ARod? Any discipline handed out? Umpires seem to get away with anything with no reprimand or consequence. Ridiculous. Terrible call which caused Girardi to be so irate. I have never seen Girardi that mad on the field before. He was livid and so he should be. 5 games for dempster when he could have really injured ARod? Unbelievable. He probably doesn’t even miss a start. It diminishes the game badly. Sure people will have strong feelings against ARod for playing but to so obviously throw at him to hurt him for 4 straight pitches is crazy. And he was quoted before saying if he got the chance he would throw at ARod and voiced strongly what he felt about ARod playing under suspension. So there was no doubt about what he was trying to do. If the Yankees make the playoffs with the soap opera going on around Arod you have to give Girardi and the team a lot of credit.


Dempster should have been warned after he threw behind A-Rod and dumped when he hit him. The umpire chickened out as did NLB when they gave him a minor slap on the wrist. Dumpster is a mirror reflection of the class-less Red Sox.


I certainly hope the Yankees get a new third base coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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