A-Rod out of lineup as Yankees take on Tigers

Last night was really a surreal scene here at Yankee Stadium. It almost seemed like there were two games going on at once — one had the Yankees playing the Tigers, and then Alex Rodriguez faced the world in the other.

Things will be a little bit more normal this afternoon, as A-Rod is out of the Yankees’ lineup. Jayson Nix will play third base, and Joe Girardi explained it as a nod to the day game after the night game, as well as A-Rod needing to continue building up his stamina.

“It’s a day-by-day [plan],” Girardi said. “When you think about the real late night last night, if we don’t have that late night, maybe I play him today. It would have been his first day game after a night game. I’m just trying to be proactive in this, and make sure we don’t run him into the ground where he ends up hurting something else.”

A-Rod spoke to reporters before the lineup was posted in the clubhouse, but he said that he hadn’t been surprised by Nix replacing him in the ninth inning of Friday’s game.

“No, I think [Girardi] has a plan,” Rodriguez said. “Again, remember, for me, it’s somewhere for me in the middle of March. we play these games in the minor leagues and even if you play seven or eight innings in the minor leagues they’re quick games. You’re done by 9:00, 9:15. That’s like the bottom of the fourth for us here. He has a plan. I trust Joe, and he’s going to do the best for me and for the team.”

Also worth noting – A-Rod’s reaction to Miguel Cabrera’s ninth-inning homer off Mariano Rivera last night:

“That guy, he’s amazing. That was a joke. Everyone thought he was dead. It was like the movies, you’ve got to shoot him to make sure he’s dead. I knew he wasn’t coming out of the game. I said, don’t fall for that bait of limping around. He’s a dangerous guy.”


I would not stop there yankmeister. I’d fire quite a few coaches and scouts in that minor league system. It is obvious that the minor league staffs are not preparing these young players for the major leagues. In addition the scouts are clueless, in the past decade or so, when it comes to spotting talent. I’m with yankeecanada on this one, the problems with this franchise starts with the two guys at the top. Neither seem to be spot on when it comes to surrounding themselves with folks that know how to run a championship caliber team. Only 7 plus weeks remain for this nightmare season to be over. Only problem is I’m NOT sure next year will be any better.


I said that the Yanks were making a huge mistake by re-signing Crashman and that there would be dark days ahead for this organization. Little did I know how right I was at the time. Yanks need to fire Crashman and Oppenheimer, the two who are mostly responsible for acquiring talent for this organization, they have been a disaster.


what a sad sack baseball team this Yankee team is this season. Deplorable. And no word from the suits. Can you imagine not hearing anything from George with this kind of record and performance? Mind you if George was still around instead of his sons the team probably wouldn’t be in the situation it is in now and likely Cashman wouldn’t be around either. The bottom line for George was winning and he was willing to do anything to have a winning team on the field. Not so for H & H unfortunately. The silence speaks volumes. Sell the team to someone who is a baseball person and can run a baseball team. Any Nolan Ryans out there? How about Joe Torre? Does he have the money to buy the Yankees?


Good point about the Steinbrenners, but then again the current situation with the team is entirely their fault, especially when you consider the fact that they wanted to keep an incompetent GM in his current role. they aremorelikely to fire Crashman before taking blame for this mess.


In hindsight the Grandy for Jackson trade is a BAD trade for the Yankees. Nothing new for Cashman. Pity those folks who paid to see this game today. First Hughes and now Joba in relief. SURRENDER time Joba is in. Again will someone in the NY press have the *ALLS and ask Girardi why he keeps putting Hughes how there???? Send his ass to the farthest part of the bullpen.


No way is Austin Jackson better than Granderson, not even close. Like Granderson he is a strikeout machine who won’t hit for much of an average and won’t hit near as many HR’s and won’t drive in nearly asmany runs. Last season was his best year in terms of hitting, but he has struggled with the bat this year. Jackson is Granderson without the power, while Granderson is more of an offensive threat despite never hitting for a high average and striking out as if it were going out of style. This was his first season dealing with injuries.


Who would we have rather had this season, Jackson or Granderson? Man Jackson is killing us in this series and Grandy is his usual strikeout self. Jackson has been healthy all year and Granderson has been on the DL most of the year. No contest in my mind and certainly would have had more of a future in the organization than Granderson at his age.


Seeknay: Our favorite pitcher does it again. Gives up 2 homers and can’t pitch past the 5th inning because he has thrown 99 pitches. Nothing changes. And management keeps sticking him out there every 5 games. We couldn’t even get rid of him at the trade deadline because no team wanted him or we couldn’t get anything for him. This is getting to the ridiculous stage. How bad does he have to get before Cashman/Girardi either puts him in the pen, trades him or demotes him to the minors.
And Claiborne comes in and keeps throwing pitch after pitch in the same place to Cabrera, he adjusts and gets a hit and drives in a run. And Claiborne does the same with Kelly until he finals goes down and gets a hold of it and gets a hit and drives in another couple of runs. Shows the inexperience of a young pitcher and young catcher. And again only 2 hits so far in the game. We can’t hit bottom line. Pitching hasn’t been bad this year in spite of CC’s failings and Pettitte’s underperforming. We juust can’t hit the friggin ball especially in clutch situations.



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