Cheers or boos? A-Rod puts the pinstripes on tonight

It’s almost game time here at Yankee Stadium and we will soon know how Yankees fans receive Alex Rodriguez when he takes the field in pinstripes for the first time in 2013.

Rodriguez is playing in his fourth big league game, and the first at home, since returning from the disabled list. I don’t need to recap all of the details here in this blog post, as you’re probably well aware of the cloud Rodriguez is under, currently waiting on the appeal of a 211-game suspension levied by Major League Baseball earlier this week.

A-Rod didn’t have a word to offer to reporters today, strolling through the clubhouse with his eyes fixed upon the ceiling after a brief appearance at his locker. He signed some autographs during batting practice behind home plate, then abruptly jogged away into the first-base dugout and back to the clubhouse without saying anything.

Rodriguez said in Chicago that he had not given much thought to how Yankees fans would welcome him back, and Girardi said today that he would not offer a recommendation to the fan base.

“I don’t really have a way they should receive him. That’s not my job,” Girardi said. “My job is these guys in that room, so I’m not so sure how it’s going to go out there.

“The only thing that you hope is that, whether it’s a home or visiting ballpark, that it’s not personal. That’s the only thing that you hope. But the fans are going to react the way they’re going to react. They buy the tickets, and that’s part of it.”

Girardi also said that he spoke with his son, Dante, in loose terms about Rodriguez’s situation. Girardi has often been seen pitching to his son on the field after Yankees home games, and Dante’s swing and on-field mannerisms appear to be closely modeled upon Rodriguez’s.

“I talked about this with my son, how things have went in baseball and some of the things,” Girardi said. “And how in this day and age, with camera phones and everything that goes on, the chances of you ever getting away with anything aren’t very good.

”There are consequences for your actions, and you’re usually going to have to pay for them. I’ve talked to my son about the value of hard work and doing things the right way. As far as my son as a fan, I would tell him not to get wrapped up in what goes on in the stands. Be respectful and go from there.”


Everyone appears to be critical of so many of the marginal players in the Bronx.
True, injuries have been a factor but sadly the excuses and the injuries were not really the biggest problem for this team. Until Cashman is out and someone who knows baseball is running the show, we can expect pretty much the same.


Stewart is the weakest offensive catcher in the history of the Yankees I’m sure. Guys like Berra and Munson and Posada in the same breath as Stewart? Defensively he is an ok catcher but at the plate he’s a sure out. Just whiffs at the ball. Swings at anything. 2 bases loaded situations and Girardi still puts him out there the 2nd time with the game on the line? Romine couldn’t have done any worse but he’s not the answer going forward either. Get a friggin catcher for next season. Joe Mauer would be a good pick up if he’s available or Weiters. And Mo blows 2 saves in a row? It is even affecting Mo. Is he losing some velocity? Is he a little careless on some pitches? One bad leg and Cabrera hits him out of the park.He was up 2 strikes why pitch anywhere near the plate? Anyway, a win is a win but they’ll have to win 80% of the games left to even hope to make the playoffs. Not likely with this offensively challenged team they have.


Stewart u better take Gardner out to dinner tonight.


God can this season get over PLEASE,


GD you Chris Stewart put the damn ball in play. GET A DAMN CATCHER


Boos from this end. Swings and misses with runners in scoring position deserve boos.


Can you explain why the Yankees let Russell Martin get away ? They had no good alternative at Catcher.


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