After 211-game ban, A-Rod makes season debut for struggling Yankees

Alex RodriguezOn what will be remembered as both a historic and unfortunate day in Major League Baseball history, Alex Rodriguez was hit with the most substantial penalty levied by Commissioner Allan H. “Bud” Selig as a result of the game’s lengthy investigation into the Biogenesis clinic, suspended for 211 games through the end of the 2014 season.

Rodriguez immediately appealed the suspension and was able to play in Monday’s game against the White Sox, going 1-for-4 with a bloop single as the Yankees lost, 8-1.

“I felt OK, for the first game,” Rodriguez said. “It was hard today, that’s for sure. [A] long day. I felt pretty good. From this moment on I want to focus on baseball like it’s do or die. Every game’s very important for us.”

As for his performance at the plate?

“Not bad, not bad,” he said. “I’ve been swinging the bat pretty well the last 10, 12 days. I know it was against some young kids at Double-A and Triple-A, but I felt good.”

After numerous reports indicating that Rodriguez might be hit with a lifetime ban or never appear in a Yankees uniform again, we can now accept this reality and move into a new stage. It’s important to note that the process is just beginning; Rodriguez’s appeal may not be heard until late September and coverage of the situation almost certainly will spill into the offseason.

What’s the end game here? It seems that Rodriguez’s best hope in the appeal process is to convince an arbitrator that his suspension should not be for 211 games. Despite his previous admission of steroid use from 2001-03 with thr Rangers, Rodriguez is considered a first-time offender under MLB’s Drug Policy. Thus, Rodriguez is expected to counter that his ban should be only for 50 games (as was the one accepted by Francisco Cervelli).

Either way, it appears that Rodriguez will be able to continue playing this season. Clearly, if his bat has anything left in it, the Yankees are willing to accept the help. They sat 9 1/2 back of the Red Sox in the American League East and 4 1/2 games out of the second Wild Card spot at the conclusion of play on Tuesday.

According to, they have just a 3.4 percent chance of making the postseason and an 0.3 percent chance of winning the division. Those numbers speak volumes. Can Rodriguez’s reappearance (even with the accompanying sideshow) have much impact on the Yankees’ postseason hopes? The odds are against it.


AROD—simply stated——-he just isn’t a Yankee. Wearing the uniform is one thing, but what he brings to the table does not win championships. Who knows what will happen, but I suspect his suspension will be reduced to 100 games. If it stays at 211, he’ll never be able to come back. AROD is not Cashman’s fault———-it was a Steinbrenner move that came from wanting to have the most prolific homerun hitter of all time as a Yankee. AROD will always be associated with a Yankee downturn. He is proof that winning games is about talent and character and in the later he comes up woefully short.


Yanks are fortunate to have had all of the injuries. Arod, Jeter,Tex etc., have proven to serve as a smokescreen for a totally inept GM in Cashbum.This is an old shopworn club that needs a permanent supply of Geritol in the club house.While other clubs develop talent and make worthwhile deals the Yanks do nothing. From the way he’s been playing it would appear that Cano wants big money but not in the Bronx.. He is also getting older and shows lttle aggressiveness or heart in the way he plays. They are lucky that Petitte returned so we can watch his ablity fade away.CC has been overworked and is not the pitcher he once was. Hughes is a joke, only Joba is a bigger one. Grandy is Dave Kingman with legs. Gardner in center field hits like an infielder. Has great speed but needs to learn how to run the bases..Ichiro is great to watch and gives his all in every game.The others arrived as no one wanted them.Overbay, Wellls , Hafner all playing over their heads. No catcher, no power.
Time to replace Cashbum and start all over. Sad, really sad.


yankeecanada I’m figuring 5-8 years before they win another WS title. There are so many holes where do you start. Here are my suggestions; 1) Deal with Aroid, and when I say deal with him I’m talking end his years in pinstripes. Selig and MLB will give the Yankees one year without him now time to pay him off and send him packing. He’s DONE, period! 2) Get rid of the dead wood. That includes Hughes, Joba and others who are collecting a paycheck and that’s all. Do NOT under any circumstances resign either of these two. They have had their time in pinstripes, GOODBYE. 3) Time to take a good look at the deadwood coaching and scouting in the minor league system. The Yankee minor leagues is a JOKE. Time to hold people accountable. 4) Yankees NEED a catcher, a 3rd baseman and a first baseman. I do NOT trust Tex at all. Fact is I’d pedal him aget this year. Either hit the Free agency route or make trades. 5) GET YOUNGER, meaning time to see if any of these guys in the minor leagues can play. It’s put up or shut up time for Mesa, Sanchez and Almonte just to name a few. 6) Girardi NEEDS to be involved in every decision concerning the roster. It’s his TEAM, keep Cashman out of it. Like I posted at the start 5-8 years.


This is year has been like moving deck chairs on the sinking titanic. Bring in an old guy here. Bring in a cast off from another team there. Bring up a prospect and hope he’s ready here. We’ve had a whole bunch of guys moving in and out of the lineup all year. It worked for the first 20 games or so. We thought we had caught lightning in a bottle.But it was only a matter of time until injuries and age caught up. We’ve got half a puzzle together and still missing a lot of pieces. Write this year off now and save ourselves a lot of frustration and disappointment. But will it be any better next year? Is Cashman the right GM going forward? Is Girardi? Are the 2 or 3 suits counting Levine able to pull a rabbit out of a hat for next year? How many years will it take to right this ship? Sad day for the Yankee organization and for its fans.


Lose leads in the 9th & 12th swept out of Chi-Town by a BAD Sox team. Worse NY Yankee team in 20 years, something the 3 Stooges (H, H & B) ought to proud of as these three are entirely responsible for this mess. Cannot wait until this season is OVER.


yankeecanada at this point doesn’t really matter what place they finish this year. Long overdue to face reality that this team will NOT make the playoffs. Been a long time since the last time the Yankees were not playing in October. IF they had ANY sense they’d sit Jeter, Phelps and Pineda and plan for next season. Then also plan on who they will keep and who they get rid of in the offseason. The two owners and the GM have alot of work to do. I’m unconvinced that they are up for the task at hand. Hope they prove me wrong.


Hey, yankmeister: You may have to eat crow yet before this season is over if the Yankees keep losing and the Jays keep winning. Not a very big gap now between the two. Last place is getting closer and closer for the Yankees.



Sorry but you’re wrong. If Toronto finishes last or second to last then the ’13 baseball season would still be a complete disaster and disappointment for them after signing so many players to big contracts only to see them fall on their faces. Toronto has been consistently one of the worst teams in the AL. Maybe next year, though I doubt that even.


Totally agree with your post Mark. As a longtime Yankee fan ( I go back to the M & M Boys) I am sick and tired of Aroid. He’s guilty and knows it. He’ll be gone next year. The Yankees need to start the process of deciding how much it will take to rid themselves of this guy. But the Yankees problem is more than that. I am NOT sure that Hal, Hank or Cashman know what they are doing with this team.


Disgusted!!!!!!! Period. Of the players who won’t be playing the rest of the season effective immediately, A-roid gets a temporary pass. I’m sorry but doesn’t anyone else feel this is not right??? I love the Yankees and have since I was a kid (77′); but this taints Baseball. It tainted the game whenever the first injection was taken and will taint the game for years to come. I understand the Appeals process but this is ridiculous. It’s his Job to know what goes into his Body whether it’s Wheaties or the latest speed Solution etc.. I don’t mean to sound like an ignorant fan but there has to be a better way. Between the Player’s union and the Commissioner’s Office and the Heads of the Five Families (Owner’s)…Oops…Godfather reference couldn’t help it. Seriously, I applaud the Suspensions but it has to be fair for EVERYONE.



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