Yankees’ Jeter likely to miss remainder of Padres series

SAN DIEGO – Derek Jeter will not appear in the Yankees’ starting lineup until at least Monday, as the captain hopes an achy right calf and leg will calm down enough to permit him to avoid the disabled list.

Manager Joe Girardi said that Jeter has been dealing with lower-body issues since Monday, after the Yankees arrived in Los Angeles to prepare for a two-game series with the Dodgers. Jeter played shortstop in both of those games.

“He’s been battling this leg problem. He’s also battling a little calf problem,” Girardi said. “I’m going to give him the next two days off, see where we’re at on Monday; hopefully get him back in there on Monday.”

Girardi said that he did not know if Jeter’s newest injury is related to the Grade 1 quadriceps strain that sent him to the disabled list last month. Jeter was receiving treatment and did not speak to reporters before Saturday’s game.

“He played on Sunday, and Sunday he did not feel anything,” Girardi said. “It was when he woke up on Monday that he talked about he felt a little something there.

“Today he said it’s the best it’s felt in the few days. He thought it was better, but if it is going in the right direction, I want to keep him going in the right direction and get him back 100 percent.”

Girardi said that he might use Jeter as a pinch-hitter against the Padres, but that he would probably have to pinch-run for him if he got on base. Having the designated hitter back in play on Monday against the White Sox in Chicago could help Jeter’s case to avoid a third stint on the disabled list this season.

“I’m definitely giving it two days. My hope is that we don’t have to DL him,” Girardi said. “My goal is to get him back in there on Monday, get him in there against the White Sox and see how he does.”


Surrender time, LardASS Joba is in. Put another L in the right hand column folks. At least is a couple of months Yankee fans will see the last of this guy. And he can take his fellow BABY Hughes with him. Still think they’d make great Cubs players.


Sad way for Andy to end his career. The Yankees Need to sit Jeter for the rest of the year. He NEEDS to heal for next season. Aroid is gone next year. Far as CC, yankeecanada, they need to trade him away. His career is on the downside and frankly I’m NOT sure he can make the necessary changes to survive. Yankees NEED a third baseman, a catcher, a first baseman and at least two better starters. Add to that a closer, altho I figure they believe Robertson will be that. DO NOT talk to Joba or Hughes at all, They have had their chances, go play for the Cubs. Lots of holes to fill with a farm system that is not good. A Yankee friend of mine told me it’ll be 2020 before they win a WS again. He is probably correct,


Wheels falling off for Andy too. It’s his last season obviously but when you can’t depend on Andy or CC to win you a sure game, the Yankees are in trouble. This is a sad team and I’m sure there’s not a lot of touchy feely stuff going on with ARod. It’s a bloody circus. What an atmosphere surrounds this team this year. And Jeter back on the DL. Well this year has been about the worst in the past 10 years as far as the Yankees are concerned. Will next year be any better? Who knows? There’s going to be a lot of holes to fill and still too much money tied up in CC and Tex and ARod depending on what he ends up getting when this suspension is settled.


This season has been a mess for the Yankees and topping it off is Cervellis’ suspension and Arod’s suspension through 2014 and the nerve he has to come back on the field while appealing a suspension that is obviously based on a ton of evidence. I don’t know what kind of reception he’s going to get but I know the one he should get. And unfortunately the Yankees management have no choice but to play him while he appeals. We can only hope the millions the team saves will be put to good use for next year’s team. This year is wash out. 9 1/2 behind the Sox? No way we can hope to even pick up a wild card spot. We’re done like dinner. Starting pitching is coming unravelled. No offense. Jeter out again. ARod back having missed all of this season. What kind of contribution can he hope to make? Not enough to get this team back in it no matter how he does. A depressing year and an embarrassing year to be a yankee fan.


yankeecanada I’ve been asking the same question about Hughes & Fatboy for three years. Why the *ELL does the Yankee manager continue to keep putting Hughes out there every 5th game. The guy is a BUM and has been one for three years. When Fatboy Joba comes in, it’s game over. Does Girardi want to lose a game? Because putting Hughes out there is an automatic LOSS. These two are BUSTS and do NOT care about winning. Neither will be back next year. Stick the both of them in the pen or release them.


Hughes again. What the hell does he have to do or not do to get taken out of the rotation. What does this guy have on Girardi or Cashman that he can pitch like he does and still get his regular turn in the rotation. The guy is terrible. They couldn’t even make a trade for him or find a team to take him off their hands. This is getting way past the ridiculous stage. Another lost series. Too many if you even hope to make the playoffs. There is no hope. The Yankees are done.


Yeah good luck trying to trade anyone on this roster. The fact that this team couldn’t be sellers or buyers speaks volumes about the talent depth in this organization from top to bottom. The fact that this team couldn’t find a market for either Hughes and Chamberlain proves that, I’ve been saying all season long they wouldn’t be able to get anything for those two, most likely this team will have to let both go for nothing. We can all forget about this team moving CC as well, not with him in the middle of a huge contract, declining skills and advancing age. Absolutely no chance any team takes a chance on a player like that, just take a look at the current roster and see how little interest this team got in terms of trades if anyone is doubting what I say is true.

It’s also a REAL BAD SIGN that all the Yankees could come away with before the trade deadline is a 37 year old strike out machine in Soriano who at this point in career is nothing more than an old, mediocre hitter whose days as an offensive player who could have an impact on a game are long over. He was never a player who could carry a team on his shoulders, and still isn’t that type of player. Instead, he is just like just about every other currently in the lineup, old and past his prime.Just look at his stats since ’08, he has only hit 30+ HR’s once over that time period and had 100+RBI’s once over that same time period, not to mention he is no speedster and will struggle to score runs as he has since ’08.Does that sound like an offensive force? NOPE!!!!! Soriano was just a BAD trade. ALl it proves is that Crashman doesn’t have a clue when it comes to building a winning team. He never will until he gets over his man crush on old player past their prime and develops an eye for real talent. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen any time soon. The only good news to come out of this is that Toronto is in the same division keeping the Yankees out of the cellar. No CROW for me this season!!!!!!!!


These guys like Jeter and Tex and Granderson and ARod who have had serious injuries and at their age they are not going to be what they used to be if they can play at all. Jeter back for a couple of games and problems and on rehab again. Wonder how long Grandy has before he has a reoccurrence of problems. Tex is out for the year after trying to come back. Arod may never be back again. CC is not the dominant pitcher he was after his injury and rehab. Reality is the Yankees might as well face the fact that they won’t make the playoffs this year and next year might be a wash too depending on who comes back and what they do in the off season. The fans are being jerked around. They get their hopes up and then they are dashed. This team needs to be blown up and start trading for quality players and sign good free agents. Big ticket players like Granderson and CC might have to go. Jeter is probably at the end of his career. Mo will be gone. ARod likely won’t be back after his lengthy suspension. They have very few in the minor system ready. Pettitte is likely pitching his last year. Keep Kuroda and Nova and Pineda and Phelps and Warren and Robertson and Claiborne. They need a couple of good left handed pitchers out of the pen. Logan hasn’t been very good this year and he’s the only one. Gotta get another catcher who is a starter. Stewart and Romine ain’t going to do it. There are so many holes to fill it ain’t funny. Like swiss cheese.


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