Yankees are quiet on Deadline day

It’s after 4 p.m. ET and the Yankees do not appear to have anything to announce.

The Phillies were shopping Michael Young late in the afternoon, and there were reports that Young would indeed have considered approving a deal to the Yankees, but it does not seem that they were able to cross the finish line on any moves.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is expected to offer some comments regarding the Deadline within the hour.


A-Rod is a fraud and a joke. A waste of money and oxygen I hope someone cuts him off from both.


I hope Yankee fans wake up tomorrow to the news that Bud & company have suspended Aroid for this year and next. The Cashman do NOT give us the standard song and dance company line. Once the suspension occurs start talking to this guy and his agent about a final settlement and release. I think a HUGE majority of Yankee fans NEVER want to see this guy in pinstripes again.


Says something when NO ONE is interested in Hughes or Joba. Speaks volumes. Like I have posted time to stick Hughes in the pen, when Phelps or Pineda comes back and release Joba. Either that or stick them in the pen to waste away and collect a paycheck. A paycheck is all these two clowns have ever been about. Should have pedaled both of these two guys three years ago.


They may have been better off trying to unload Kuroda and Gardner and gotten something in return.


I didn’t hink the Yanks would be buyers or sellers, they just don’t have what it takes to pull off any trades and no one wants what they have like Joba or Hughes. I didn’t think those two had any value.


quiet at the deadline is not what this offensively challenged team need to be. They needed to be active if they hope to win a wild card spot or division title. Stuck with Joba and Hughes until the end of the season it looks like. More of the same frustration.



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