What’s next for A-Rod? Uncertainty

The plan, as far as the Yankees have outlined it thus far, is that Alex Rodriguez will be playing in a simulated game tomorrow in Tampa. After that, the intent is that he’ll be playing in a Minor League game somewhere on Friday. Where? Trenton is a good guess, but Brian Cashman didn’t even want to go that far.

It’s clear that 24 hours out is about as far as we can go with A-Rod right now. It’s just safer that way.

USA Today reports that Major League Baseball is preparing to hit Rodriguez with a lifetime ban, something that could be levied as soon as Thursday. ESPN reports that Rodriguez’s representatives and MLB are negotiating the terms of a suspension, with MLB continuing to hold the nuclear option of a lifetime ban.

Will we ever see Rodriguez in pinstripes at the big league level again? The longer this goes, the more valid that question seems to become.  At this point, you have to proceed as though Rodriguez is on the way back because there is nothing rock-solid to the contrary. On the other hand, that can – and, it appears, will – change in the very near future.

Moving on – Yankees and the Dodgers here tonight at Chavez Ravine. Hiroki Kuroda & Clayton Kershaw. Gorgeous night for baseball.


Regardless of the amount of the suspension, I NEVER want to see Alex Rodriquez take the field ina NY Yankee uniform. Time for a Divorce and move on.


will Arod wear pinstripes again? Hopefully not and hopefully the suspension will be long enough for the Yankees to recoup a big chunk of his salary going forward.


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