What’s next for A-Rod? Uncertainty

The plan, as far as the Yankees have outlined it thus far, is that Alex Rodriguez will be playing in a simulated game tomorrow in Tampa. After that, the intent is that he’ll be playing in a Minor League game somewhere on Friday. Where? Trenton is a good guess, but Brian Cashman didn’t even want to go that far.

It’s clear that 24 hours out is about as far as we can go with A-Rod right now. It’s just safer that way.

USA Today reports that Major League Baseball is preparing to hit Rodriguez with a lifetime ban, something that could be levied as soon as Thursday. ESPN reports that Rodriguez’s representatives and MLB are negotiating the terms of a suspension, with MLB continuing to hold the nuclear option of a lifetime ban.

Will we ever see Rodriguez in pinstripes at the big league level again? The longer this goes, the more valid that question seems to become. Β At this point, you have to proceed as though Rodriguez is on the way back because there is nothing rock-solid to the contrary. On the other hand, that can – and, it appears, will – change in the very near future.

Moving on – Yankees and the Dodgers here tonight at Chavez Ravine. Hiroki Kuroda & Clayton Kershaw. Gorgeous night for baseball.


Regardless of the amount of the suspension, I NEVER want to see Alex Rodriquez take the field ina NY Yankee uniform. Time for a Divorce and move on.


will Arod wear pinstripes again? Hopefully not and hopefully the suspension will be long enough for the Yankees to recoup a big chunk of his salary going forward.



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