Statement from Brian Cashman


“I heard via a text message this afternoon from Alex Rodriguez that he had retained a doctor to review his medical situation.  In media reports, we have since learned that the doctor in question has acknowledged that he did not examine Mr. Rodriguez and that he was not retained to do a comprehensive medical examination of Mr. Rodriguez.  Contrary to the Basic Agreement, Mr. Rodriguez did not notify us at any time that he was seeking a second opinion from any doctor with regard to his quad strain.

“As you know, it is the Yankees’ desire to have Alex return to the lineup as soon as possible.  And we have done everything to try and accomplish this.

“As early as Friday, July 12, when I suggested to Alex that we move his rehab from Tampa to Triple-A Scranton (at Buffalo), Alex complained for the first time of “tightness” in his quad and therefore refused to consent to the transfer of his assignment.  Again, last Sunday, Alex advised that he had stiffness in his quad and should not play on Sunday or Monday.  We sent Alex to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for an MRI which evidenced a Grade 1 strain.

“As always, we will follow the rules and regulations set forth in the Basic Agreement, and will again re-evaluate Alex in Tampa tomorrow, as our goal is to return him to the lineup as soon as he is medically capable of doing so.”


AROD is doing a great sevice for the club. They are truly awful to watch and he provides a major distraction that takes focus away from how poorly they play and how inept Cashman and company are in developing a winning team. Even if Arod, Jeter and Tex were playing they are older and far past their prime. Arod allows the media to take away the focus on the real problems in the Bronx and that problem is in the office. Look at Ibanez with twenty four dingers in Seattle and Colon. pitching as well as anyone with Oakland. Best Cashman now could do is perhaps bring us Soriano, over the hill for sure.


yankeecanada. I was born a Yankee fan and go back to the M & M Days. I have never wanted a player gone from this team more than #13. I am tired of this man’s drama and his attitude. The guy is the MOST self-centered ballplayer I’ve seen in pinstripes. It’s time to end this chapter in Yankee Baseball History. Both Aroid and the Yankees need to part ways and move on. Enough!!!!


obviously there is stuff going on behind the scenes here and no one is really being totally honest. Does Arod really want back to play right away? Does Cashman really want ARod in the lineup at this point with the pending possible suspension. Is Cashman hoping the suspension will result in ARod’s retirement ultimately and the Yankees being off the hook for the balance of his contract? Lawyers battling behind the scenes for both sides. Who knows where this will all go when it’s over.


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