Video: All-Stars talk about sharing the game with Mo

As we prepare for the second half of the season to begin, why not take one last look back at Mariano Rivera’s All-Star Game experience?

Check out this video from featuring interviews with many of the American League and National League All-Stars, discussing their feelings on being a part of what turned out to be a very special event in New York, as well as their thoughts on Rivera’s illustrious career.

“You know what you’re going to get and you still can’t hit it. Think about that,” the Orioles’ Adam Jones said. “In life, if you know what you’re going to get and you still can’t do it — think about that. And he was great at it. Just one pitch, a cutter. You still don’t hit it. Still.”

And of course, we’ll never get tired of watching this:


Almonte wasn’t doing much anyway. None of these kids are ready. We’ve got an AAA and AA team right now beside Cano and Gardner. First two months team playing way over its head. Reality is we’ve got to plan for 2014. Hopefully we can trade for a few good players or pick one or two up on free agency. We can’t depend on the minor league teams to provide what we need short term, unless we want to play them and wait a few years until they mature and get ready and accept the fact that the Yankees won’t be in the playoffs for a few years. This is Mo’s last year, probably Pettitte’s last year. We won’t be bringing back Stewart or Overbay or Wells or Nix or LIllibridge or….. Hughes and Joba will be traded. So we’ve got a lot of holes to fill.


This is NOT a very good team. NOt sure I blame Andy for tonight. This is a BAD team offensively and unless there are changes guess what, no playoffs.


Let’s face it. As great as Pettite has been for the Yankees over the years he’s probably gone 1 year too long as a starter. He gives up too many runs and his pitch count only allows 3 or 4 innings at most. Too bad but Girardi needs to work in one of the younger pitchers to start because Pettitte is going to lose too many games. With the Yankees terrible offense if they get down in a hole early they can’t hit their way out of it. Tonight’s game another example. Lose this series to the Sox and we could be 8 games out of 1st place and too far behind to hope to get into the playoffs.


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