Girardi: Yankees have done “about as well as we can do”

Joe GirardiThe Yankees will scatter to the winds for the All-Star break after this afternoon’s game against the Twins. Robinson Cano and Mariano Rivera will represent the team in the festivities across town at Citi Field, while everyone else will reconvene to open a three-game series in Boston on Friday evening.

With the first half of the season about to fade into the rear-view mirror, manager Joe Girardi said that his Yankees — holding a 51-43 record and six games back in the American League East entering play Sunday — have gotten through their schedule in decent shape.

“I think our guys have done probably about as well as we can do,” Girardi said on Sunday morning. “There’s some games that I thought we had a chance to win, a hit here or a hit there, we might have won some games. I’m very appreciative of what they’ve given us and we’ll continue to try to press on.”

Expectations were lowered coming into the season after the Yankees downgraded their offense, and injuries to players like Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, Kevin Youkilis and Francisco Cervelli did nothing to help that. But despite a cast of replacements, Girardi said that he does not think the Yankees have exceeded their limits.

“I don’t think so,” Girardi said. “I told you, I expected to win with this group and that’s what they’ve done, and we’ll continue to try and do it.”


yankeecanada my concern it that this is what it’s going to be like for 5-8 years. This franchise is in disarray. Starts with ownership and the GM and The Three Stooges don’t have a clue as to how to repair a sinking ship.


what more can be said? Nothing changes. Everything stays the same. It’s going to be like this all season. Get used to it.


Kind’a like the Toronto Blue Jays who have sucked for years. Still doesn’t look like I’ll be eating crow this year.


Wonderful afternoon of baseball at the Stadium. Glad it was NOT on TV where I live. Errors, CC and ended with Joba’s usual performance. This team NEEDS an overhaul top to bottom. It has old players and NON fundamental younger players. It has people who don’t give a DaM about wearing Pinstripes & are bucking to be traded. Hope they end up with the Cubs, they deserve each other. It’s minor league system prepares players for NOTHING. The majority of the scouting system and coaching staffs in minor league need to be sent packing. Joe’s right about one thing, this squad is lucky to be above .500.


Now the infection spreads to Cano, who misses the kind of play that can spark a team, looking nonchalant as he does it. The pressure has led to team-wide loss of spirit. Understandable, but so hard to watch.


All that is true, but I see a deterioration in CC that looks like attitude as much as ability. After the Nunez error, he just gave it up for the home run.


I think everything considered there fortunate to be in the position that they’re in. We lost a guy who hit 42 home run last yr..Plus we lost Jeter, A-Rod,Texeira,and Cervelli. We’ve got a 2nd string on the field for the most part.


Hardly as “well as they could.”

Two awful plays by Wells and Nunez, and Sabathia, obviously disgusted, shows no concentration and throws a turkey for a 3 run home run. Now down 5-0, and can’t score runs.

Why bother watching such terrible baseball?

Nunez should be traded or released. He cannot be relied on, in the field or at bat. Much rather go with Cruz or Nix until Jeter returns, if ever


And just as I finish typing the previous post CC gives up a 3 run shot. CC should have been out that inning with no runs given up. Instead, thanks to the E6 it is now
5-0. If anyone thinks that Nunez is the Captain’s replacement at SS you are crazy. This guy CANNOT field and is a DH and that’s it. And to think the Yankees did NOT execute the Cliff Lee trade with Seattle because they did not want to part with this guy. Another example of Cashman’s stupidity and our minor league system NOT doing it’s job.


For God’s sake Nunez can you learn how to field your position? You have to be the worse fielding shortstop in the history of the NY Yankees. Learn How to Field!!!!



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