Yankees reportedly “aggressively” shopping Joba, Hughes

The Yankees are “aggressively pushing” trades involving Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes as the July 31 Trade Deadline approaches, according to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, citing an American League executive.

Rosenthal’s source hears that the Yankees are talking about deals involving both players, but that nothing is close.

Both Chamberlain and Hughes are eligible for free agency after the season. In Chamberlain’s case, if the Yankees can make a trade from their bullpen depth to help acquire any sort of offensive improvement, it might make a world of sense for general manager Brian Cashman.

Michael Young sounds like a nice fit, but Rosenthal later tweeted that the Phillies are not one of the teams pursuing Chamberlain.

Chamberlain, as you’ll recall, was unhappy this spring about being slotted into a middle relief role. He’d likely welcome the chance to shine again as a setup man or even a closer — and, if a team is really daring next year, Chamberlain could even go to camp competing to be a starting pitcher. The Yankees won’t touch that argument again.

Hughes is also primed for a big winter payday at the head of an otherwise thin free agent starting pitcher crop — the comparison that has been tossed around quite a bit has been Edwin Jackson’s four-year, $52 million deal with the Cubs. The Yankees still have the dual objectives of signing Robinson Cano to a long-term deal and getting their payroll as close to $189 million as possible, so if they accomplish both, there may not be room for a Hughes deal too.

There should be a decent trade market for Hughes, who has been a solid big league starter but seems to have been hurt by his early ace hype — remember Jason Giambi dubbing him “Pocket Rocket,” as in a smaller version of Roger Clemens? With Hughes’ fairly inconsistent track record in New York and well-examined propensity for giving up home runs, it has been suggested that a change of scenery (maybe to a larger National League ballpark) could be in the cards.


hurrah! the last of Hughes and Joba! With Nova pitching so well we don’t need Hughes and Joba is a nightmare.You don’t know what you’re getting on any given night. His run in with Mo hasn’t helped endear him any. Hope they both do well somewhere else. But what will we get? Some offense? Something more than Ishakawa I hope.


But after this season both will be gone. I would expect neither one will be resigned. Might as well get something for them,


Good luck getting any significant talent for these guys. Hughes has been hot and cold his entire career and gives up the long ball and nothing more than a No.4 starter in a team’s rotation. Joba is a failed major league starter and a mediocre middle reliever, all this team will get is another scrub who isn’t talented enough to help this team out.


I’ve been bantering trading these two for four years. Now management has finally figured it out? Regardless of how these two do with other clubs neither one has panned out in NYC. Overhyped, underproductive and inconsistent are the words to describe Hughes and Joba. The Yankees did a horrible job of nurturing and preparing these two in the mental aspects of this game. Quicker the Yankees unload them both the better for the team and them.


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