CC on the mound, seeking victory No. 200

C.C. SabathiaThe Orioles may have been surprised to see CC Sabathia listed instead of David Phelps on the lineup card for Friday’s game, but the Yankees said there was no switch made; just a clerical error.

Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild said that Sabathia had always been scheduled to pitch on Friday against Baltimore, but he mistakenly gave the incorrect rotation to director of media relations Jason Zillo before the series.

Manager Joe Girardi said that both Sabathia and Phelps, who is pitching on Saturday night, were aware of their correct days to pitch.

“We felt like there was a good chance that [Sabathia] would pitch one of the three days, so it doesn’t change anything about what we’re doing,” Orioles manager Buck Showalter said. “I finally just called Joe and he said, ‘Yeah, there was a miscommunication.’ I said, ‘Fine, thanks.’ Short conversation.”

Sabathia is going for his 200th career victory tonight against Chris Davis and the potent Orioles lineup.

“I’m sure that thought has crossed his mind,” Girardi said. “Hopefully that won’t be his focus tonight. I think it will be the Baltimore Orioles. It’s a pretty big milestone, and I’m sure he’d like to get it out of the way.”

If Sabathia wins tonight, the milestone will come in his 400th career start. It will also be win No. 600 of Girardi’s managerial career.


Blue Jays beating the Red Sox in the 9th. Yankees have a chance to gain a game but will they be able to take advantage of it. Not too impressed with the lineup as you look at it. AAA guys who are not really ready yet and a number of vets who have had their best days. And it ain’t going to change any day soon. Maybe after the all star break we might get a couple of guys back but what will they be able to do having been injured and out of action for weeks and months and at their age. Not a good year for devoted Yankee fans.


right on seeknay. There’s got to be a lot of work done by management after this season. There are big holes all over the place. Reality has set in and the rest of this season will see the Yankees drop further and further behind. Not a position we’re used to the Yankees being in. Imagine if old George were still alive? He’d be spending like crazy to make this team a winner. Where are Hal and Hank? Invisible. Bean counters. Not baseball guys. Where’s the pride? We need to stop hoping for something better this year. Only good thing is that Teixiera is finished for the year and the Yankees have an extra 18 million to spend. If ARod retires we’ll have a lot more.


Face it folks this season is OVER. This is NOT a playoff team and sure as H*ll is NOT a team that is going to win #28. Injuries and age have caught up with this team. And Cashman nor these two idiot owners know what to do. GET rid of the crap Cashman. And Hal & Hank you have better be active in FREE agency next season. FIRE the entire scouting team and those IDIOTS who manage in the minor leagues. This entire franchise is a MESS!


1 bad inning for CC is all the O’s needed. This team this year is not a comeback team. Down after 7 innings they usually lose. Streak they were on earlier in the year if they scored first they won a high percentage of their games. Not so any more. Up and couldn’t hold onto the lead. The offense is terrible. Further behind the O’s and now the Red Sox are winning.


Seeknay, you won’t believe it. In a 1 run game Girardi sends Joba out in the 8th. What’s wrong with his head? Has he lost it or what? What do Joba and Hughes have on Girardi and Cashman. Keep trotting them out and hope the result is different? Definition of insanity. Unbelievable. Yankees up 3-0 and CC gives the lead away and a home run puts the O’s ahead. When not leading after the 7th the Yankees usually don’t win. Too many losses. Dropping ever further and further behind. It’s going to be a frustrating season. I don’t the Yankees as they now stand is a playoff team. Far from it.


How long is the David Adams experiment going to go on? He’s solid defensively but at the plate other than his first few games he has been woefully lacking. Runners in scoring position tonight and he strikes out. Kid isn’t ready. Why don’t they have Nix in there, especially now they changed pitchers? Better still need to pick up a good infielder and not go out and court mediocre infielders who have been suspended from their clubs or have been released because they can’t get the job done. We have too many of those now.


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