Derek Jeter turns 39; greeted by balloons in Tampa

Yankees captain Derek Jeter with Bernie Williams at Old-Timers Day.

Yankees captain Derek Jeter shares a laugh with Bernie Williams at Old-Timers Day.

We will never be able to refer to Derek Jeter as “the 38-year-old Yankees captain” again. Not accurately, anyway. And by the way, if we know there’s one thing Jeter absolutely loves discussing, it’s his age and getting older.

This from the Associated Press, as Jeter celebrates his 39th birthday today at the club’s complex in Tampa, Fla.:

Derek Jeter was greeted by balloons and silver tinsel decorating the parking-lot fence when he arrived at the Yankees’ minor league complex on his birthday.

The New York captain turned 39 Wednesday as he kept up his rehab program for a broken left ankle, an injury originally sustained last Oct. 13 in the AL championship series opener.

A group of around 30 fans and autograph dealers held homemade signs wishing the shortstop a happy birthday, and they cheered when Jeter drove into the complex.

U.S. Coast Guard veteran Juan Rivero brought an oversized birthday card, calling Jeter ”the greatest player of my generation.”

Jeter smiled and waved as he walked into the clubhouse.

Now, a suggestion for the comments: What is your favorite Derek Jeter moment?

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The best moment… All the moments are hreat of a person whose eyes are bright while making what he loves, what is his passion, and that smile of a child always happy, always in love with his profesion, with baseball.


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