Mark Teixeira’s injured wrist being evaluated

The Yankees are bracing for the possibility of more bad news for injured first baseman Mark Teixeira, who was sent to have his right wrist evaluated by team doctors on Tuesday and could be facing season-ending surgery.

Teixeira has not responded well to a cortisone injection that was administered on June 16 to alleviate inflammation in his wrist, which has limited him to just 15 games this season.

“He’s not doing anything. He’s seeing the doctors today and we’ll go from there,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “I’m concerned. I said before that it’s tricky; what he had was a tricky injury. I’m concerned about it.”

After missing the first two months of the season, Teixeira returned to the Yankees’ lineup on May 31, batting .151 with three home runs and 12 RBIs in 15 games. Teixeira, a switch-hitter, has said that the injury affects him most from the left side of the plate.

“It’s tough not having him, but we were able to win the first month without him,” Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner said. “When we don’t have him, our goal is still to go out there and win.”

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Hey Brian How about all of you in the press rooting for Overbay a bit more . Fans really need to get behind this guy.He is doing one hell of a job, much better than anyone expected. Looking at Tex numbers from 2012 he was not setting the world on fire. The Yankees need to really get behind the unwashed and unwanted players they recruited rather than waiting and hoping for some vastly overrated veterans to perform upon some mythical return date. Further, if the morons in the front office want to fill seats at the stadium , they ought to promote and get behind what they’ve got rather than telling the fans to stay home until this vastly overrated bunch of,overpaid and ego driven veterans return. Regards Ron Hirschkind


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