Clear the roads! The Old-Timers roll in style

Old-Timers Day is always one of my favorite events of the year at Yankee Stadium. It’s terrific to watch all of the players from yesteryear come together and put on the pinstripes to pretend it’s just like the old days, but part of what really makes it fun is that the guys genuinely enjoy each others’ company.

They all drifted in separate directions once their time on a big league roster ended, so it’s special that they get a chance to be teammates once more. Gray Line New York has passed along some photos from yesterdays events , as the Old-Timers rolled on a double decker bus from Manhattan to the Bronx for the festivities.

The roster for the bus trip included: Goose Gossage, David Wells, Rickey Henderson, Mickey Rivers, Oscar Gamble, Jeff Nelson, Gene Monahan, Todd Greene, Mike Torrez, Homer Bush, Brian Boehringer  and Andy Phillips.

Here are the photos (credit: Simon Russell):





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