Cashman: Yankees “open for business” on trade front

Brian CashmanBrian Cashman and his cell phone have been inseparable since the spring, when this rash of injuries started doing some real damage in the Yankees’ clubhouse, and that doesn’t figure to change as the July 31 Trade Deadline approaches.

“Man, I’ve been active already,” Cashman said today on a conference call with reporters. “I feel like up until recently we’ve been getting a new player in here [often] — they weren’t relatively big splashes, but it just feels like from mid-Spring Training on, we’ve been on overdrive mixing and matching stuff. I’m always open for business, if it feels like they’re incremental upgrades or significant ones.”

Cashman has shown that to be true this season — there have been the bigger moves, like trading for Vernon Wells and signing Lyle Overbay as a free agent, but the Yankees have also made tiny tweaks like acquiring infielder Reid Brignac from the Rockies in May because they believed Brignac represented an incremental upgrade over Chris Nelson (who was also acquired from the Rockies in May).

Now, with the First-Year Player Draft in the rear-view mirror, Cashman believes the stage could be set for transactions of a larger magnitude.

“The opportunity for significant upgrade trades obviously don’t usually take place until after the June Draft,” Cashman said. “We’re past that date so I think the atmosphere should be right about there. Activities in terms of conversations have definitely increased where clubs have turned their attention to, ‘All right, what are you guys looking to do, who do you need, who’s available?’

“Every GM is kind of cataloguing the available players and team needs. From that, obviously something can transpire over time with a few more conversations. Listen, because of the injuries that have hit us from the winter and March, we’ve been active and open to try to do something that would make sense for us. I think we’ve done a lot and we’re going to continue to try to do a lot. We’ll see where it takes us.”


I’d agree Michael. There are HUGE holes to fill with this team. In need of catcher, 1st baseman, 3rd baseman and power in an outfield spot. Added to that a closer for next season. Either fill them thru FA, trades or within. Time to rebuild and NOT with OLDIES. Sooner or later a new SS has to be developed. I don’t envy who that person is. Does the name Bobby Murcer strike a note????


I agree that we could use a few position players to fill in for injuries. But really, the season is almost 1/2 over. We have a great team at AAA right now and some excellent players at A and double A Ball. I don’t want to forfeit the future for a maybe someone who could help us now. Not worth it!!!Lets make the best with what we have. Make players who we have play up to there potential. If we don’t make the playoffs, oh well. We will next year. Thats a promise !!!


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