Notes and quotes: Overbay in outfield again, setback for Nunez

David Phelps is on the mound tonight for the Yanks, looking to bounce back from the worst start of his career last time out, when he threw 31 pitches and recorded just one out in a 9-4 loss to the Mets.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that once Phelps gets through the first inning, he’s usually pretty good, and there’s no exact explanation for why a pitcher struggles to settle into a ballgame.

“I think it’s a pitcher’s thing. There’s a lot of pitchers that are like that,” Girardi said. “I think it’s just getting a feel for the mound, a feel for what you’ve got out there, because a lot of times what they have in the bullpen doesn’t come out necessarily in the game.”

Lyle Overbay will make his second big league start tonight in right field, as Brett Gardner picks up a day off against Indians lefty Scott Kazmir. Girardi said that he has watched Overbay a little bit in batting practice and was pleasantly surprised by his defensive proficiency.

“Arm strength wasn’t a concern of mine. You look at routes,” Girardi said. “I talked to Topper (coach Rob Thomson) about it, Topper thought he did a pretty good job in the little bit that he’d seen him do it.”

There’s good news to report on Michael Pineda, who has been scheduled to make his first Minor League rehabilitation start on Saturday for Class-A Tampa.

And it wouldn’t be a Yankees update without a new injury. Eduardo Nunez felt more discomfort in his oblique while swinging a bat on Tuesday in Tampa, so the Yankees will just have to wait longer for his return.

“It’s kind of how the year has went, in a sense,” Girardi said. “We thought we’d get him back after a week of sitting him down. He wasn’t ready to go. Obliques are hard. They’re hard muscles to heal sometimes. You can feel pretty good just doing everyday stuff but when you have to do that rotation, it hurts. That’s what he’s going through.”


Hard earned W tonight. However, I have to questioned Girardi’s mentality. Whe is he going to figure out that Chamberlain is a complete JOKE as a pitcher? Perhaps as soon as he figures out that Hughes is nothing more than a .500 pitcher. Both of these guys need to go play elsewhere. As for Aroid, robert G, I hope this ends his days in pinstripes. It’s time to move on and end #13s career as a Yankee.


what the hell is wrong with Cano. Strikes out twice tonight and now with bases loaded and 1 out he hits into a DP. Friggin useless. He just cannot hit a left handed pitcher and they put one in against him as often as they can. The guy needs to learn to hit to the opposite field against lefties. They put the shift on him and he hits right into it. Not damn good enough for a guy making what he’s making and what he’s looking for in a new contract. I just get the impression often that he is doggin it, on the bases and at the plate. If he puts another handful of sunflower seeds in his mouth from his back pocket I’ll puke. Crap performance at the plate Cano. Take some responsibility for your poor hitting. With a lineup like we’ve got the team depends on Cano to get guys home, especially with 3 on and only 1 out.


Nunez is hopeless. A sore side for weeks. What’s a sore side? Is it broken ribs or what? A bit of a woos I’d say. Seeknay, your favorite pitcher just gave up a home run with 2 guys on base. Yankees leading 4-0 in the 7th and jackass Joba gives up the long ball to bring the score to 4-3. Turn a sure win into a very precarious win at most but possibly a loss. Why would Girardi use him again in back to back games? Is that all he’s got? Man, we keep hoping Joba and Phil will develop into the pitcher they used to be, 1,2, years ago but it ain’t happening.


Is there going to be a place for Nunez?


If healthy, sure – he’d probably be playing shortstop tonight. This injury has taken longer than they’d like, obviously, so it’s difficult to count on his return anytime soon.


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