Yankees-Red Sox first pitch scheduled for 8:50 p.m.

We’re done with the “dry delay” here at Yankee Stadium — the radar apparently showed some storms passing through the area, but I don’t believe a drop ever actually hit the playing field. In any event, first pitch of the Yankees – Red Sox series finale is scheduled for 8:50 p.m. ET tonight.

There’s one late change to the Yankees lineup: Chris Stewart is out, as he felt more dizziness during batting practice tonight. He has been sent to New York-Presbyterian Hospital for tests. Austin Romine will be catching Hiroki Kuroda tonight, which of course puts Jayson Nix on alert in the event the Yankees need an emergency third catcher.


Yankees get up 4-1 and Andy can’t hold onto the lead. Obviously started to tire being off for 18 days. Joe left him in too long. Should have pulled him when it was obvious he was missing the strike zone and getting hit. Now it’s 4-4 and it’s anyone’s game and with the Yankee’s offense the advantage is with the Indians. They allowed Masterson to get up off the mat and he’s now going to be tough. Would Youk have got that ball hit down the 3rd base line? Tough play but Adams hasn’t had much experience at 3rd in the majors. Anyway, hope we’re not looking at another loss.The other teams close to us are not playing tonight so we get a chance to move a 1/2 game up. Not confident however.


Look at the starting lineup tonight. Not too impressive. There’s only a certain number of bodies and pieces that you can move in and out of the lineup.Brignac playing SS and really hasn’t done anything at the plate. Tex has done nothing since he returned only strike out. You can only hope that he’ll catch fire soon. Romine in the lineup. Doesn’t contribute much at the plate.Overbay instead of Wells. Will he do any better?Adams in at 3rd. Hasn’t hit well lately. Same old, same old. Definition of insanity,”Keep doing the same things and expect a different result”. Andy is the key tonight to shutting down the Indians and getting a win. Other teams are passing us pretty quickly.


No Yankees in the top 15 stats for the AL for Home runs or RBIs or runs scored or hits or extra base hits or ……No pitchers in top ERA or wins or strikeouts. Probably the first season ever the Yanks have not figured in the top rankings. Up to this point we have been getting by with very average stats and I’d say it’s finally caught up with us. Other teams are getting better and stronger and we’re getting worse and weaker. Sorry to sound so pessimistic but we are in the same position Boston was in last year with all the injuries and they finished last in the division.


I’m with you robert G. It maybe a 162 game season BUT this team needs to get going or it is going to left behind. Tex still concerns me. Again I state the Yankees cannot wait for him to start hitting until August. IMHO this early season slow start is between his ears more than anything.


Friggin team is driving me nuts. We thought when Tex and Youk got back they’d save the Yankee team. Well it ain’t happening. They’ve been away from the game too long and are not in game shape and will take some time to get there. In the meantime we keep losing games and the other teams in the division except the Jays are winning. Now tied with the O’s for 2nd and only a half game up on the Rays and if we lose this game tonight we could end up in 4th place. In 1st for the past month and now in 4th. And most of the problem is we can’t hit and we can’t score runs. Guys standing at the plate watching good pitches go by and then swinging at pitches way out of the strike zone. I think fans that what we feared at the beginning of the season is now happening. This team will be fighting to stay out of last place. We thought the fight would be with the Red Sox but they are playing well. Strong offense and good pitching and they have the swagger going where the Yankees are the weak sisters. I don’t know what Girardi and Cashman are planning on doing to get this team turned around but they better do something quick or we’re going to be dropping further and further down the chart.


Tell me can Tex EVER get off his ARSE in the first two months of the year and HIT. By his rate it’ll be August before he starts hitting. Sorry folks for the $$$$ this guy is making he needs to be hitting NOW!!!!



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