Yanks looking to rebound as Subway Series wraps up tonight

The Yankees will try to avoid being swept in a season series y the Mets for the first time in the history of Interleague play tonight, as Vidal Nuno gets the starting nod against Dillon Gee.

Nuno said this spring that he was trying to watch and learn a lot from lefties like CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte. Earlier today, Pettitte – who will come off the disabled list to start Monday against the Indians – offered some high praise for what he has seen so far from Nuno.

“I saw him a little bit in the spring, I think I saw one of this starts,” Pettitte said. “He’s just got a great idea what he’s doing out there. He doesn’t try to do too much. He doesn’t overthrow. He can change speeds and he’s locating the ball very well.

“The other thing is, obviously, these guys haven’t seen him so they don’t have a good idea what he’s doing. He’s very confident and he’s very aggressive. He’s done a great job for us. He’s going to be able to stick around for a long time if he continues to throw strikes and change speeds the way that he’s doing.”

Here are some highlights from Joe Girardi’s meeting with the media this afternoon:

On Vidal Nuno: “I think what you learn is that he hasn’t been intimidated by this atmosphere. I think any time a guy gets call called up for the first time you wonder how he’s going to act compared to maybe how they do in Triple-A or in big league camp, but he’s seemed to be the same guy.”

On Ivan Nova’s performance last night:  “We really liked what he did last night. He saved our bullpen, and we know the ability that he has. We’ve seen it. I think it’s just doing it consistently is the important thing, and getting back to where he was the first half of last year.”

On getting Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis back, potentially tomorrow: “When they get here, they get here. When they decide, and we decide that they’re ready, they’re ready. I hate putting a date one something because if a guy says, you know what, I just don’t feel right. For example if a guy hasn’t played, or has only played a few games, and he didn’t have a full spring training, and he says, you know what, I think I need some more at-bats. When you put a date on it, everyone says, was there a setback? So I don’t like putting dates on it. If they’re here tomorrow, I’ll be happy. If they’re here the next day, I’ll be happy. When they get here, they’ll be here.”

On Ichiro Suzuki’s performance: “He’s been getting some hits for us. It’s just more preventative in a sense, making sure everyone stays strong. Boesch swung the bat well last night, but I worry about — these guys are 38 and 39, some of these guys — running them out there every day.”


Biggest stat in tonight’s game. 31 ABs and 14 strikeouts. That is Inexcuseable at any level of baseball.


Disgraceful non-performance. by a team with AAA players. Cashman knew once Martin left he’d be left with two backup catchers. Well one went down and Romine is NOT the answer at all. I saw Brignac with the Rockies AA club here in Tulsa. He is a career AA player. IF Jeter is NOT coming back GET A DAMN SS. They are still getting great starting pitching, with the exception of Phelps last night. I knew Girardi threw in the towel when he brought in Chamberlain. Can anyone explain to me WHY Joba has NOT been released? He STINKS plain and simple.


a friggin train wreck this series and this team right now. Hafner strikes out 3 times. Met pitchers must be all candidates for the Cy Young based on how the Yankees have hit them in this series. This is certainly a low point. Can it go any lower? You’re damn right it can and probably will. Wish I could be more optimistic folks even with Tex and Youk coming back. But I think we’ve got all we’re going to get out of this team of retreads this season.


I’m really po’d at this team after this series. CAN”T YOU TELL? Terrible. Look at the Met’s lineup. Other than David Wright who are these sad sack, no name players? Look at their record. And we get swept by these guys and 2 games in our own building? Is there no shame on this team? Where’s the heart? Where’s the talent? Where’s the fight? Deadly dull. Is this the start of a long slippery slope to the bottom where we thought this team would be by the end of the year? Certainly feels like it.


Why did we ever pick up Brignac? He’s useless. Why is he playing? 3 strikeouts tonight? Why isn’t Nix playing? They’re that thin on the infield that if they give Nix a night off all they have to fill in is Brignac? We’ve got so many holes this year it isn’t funny. Awful baseball.


What the hell is it with this team? This is totally ridiculous. Can’t score more than a run 3 games this series? This is a joke. And the Sox are leading, the O’s have won and the Rays are leading. Soon the Ray and the O’s will be past us and we’ll be sitting in 4th place after leading the division for a month. The B team held up well for almost 2 months but now the weaknesses are glaring. it’s almost like they’ve heard all the talk of Tex and Youk coming back tomorrow so they’ve just backed off and waited for them to show up. This could well be the turning point of the Yankees season.


Seeknay, is every Met pitcher a Cy Young candidate? Yankees haven’t hit any of them in this series. Another 2-1 game and looks like loss? A sweep at the hands of the lowly Mets? Man this is diabolical. After such a good first couple of months they are starting to tank and even the poorer teams are feasting on them. They could go down the tube in a hurry if this keeps up. Sox and Rays and O’s winning tonight. Not good. Pitching hasn’t been too bad really. It’s our offense. Right now it stinks.


And robert G. you are absolutely correct about Cervelli. Austin Romine is blowing any opportunity of sticking with the Yankees longterm. The guy CANNOT hit major league pitching and grounds into toooooo many DPs. God can their minor league system develop ANYONE?????????


Get the first two guys on in the bottom of the first then Wells and Hafner do NOTHING except KK. Now down 2-0, this team is in a world of a mess. Again I say they NEED the troops back ASAP and READY to contribute.


Girardi keeps saying “We’ve got to be careful with these guys.They’re 38 and 39 …” Let’s hope Cashman doesn’t saddle Joe another season with old guys he can’t play on the field every day. You might be able to carry 1 or 2 but not half the team. They might last physically for a couple of months but the whole season? Need to get some good young guys on the team for next season that you don’t have to worry about. Mind you Nunez is not that old but he’s been injured most of the time this year so far. So even young guys break down but I think some are tougher than others To not win out of the 4 playing the Mets would be a total embarrassment. Only winning 1 is embarrassing enough. Then we’re facing the Red Sox and Tex and Youk will be back but at mid season form? Not likely. How long will it take? How does Joe mix in Wells and Overbay and Boesch to the team’s advantage? He’ll have to earn his salary in managing this group and the way the Yankees have been getting injured this season you have to ask, “Who’s next?” That might solve the problem of having too many guys. We need to get Cervelli back too.



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