Derek Jeter plays catch for first time since having walking boot removed

The atmosphere of the Subway Series has always been enjoyable for Derek Jeter, but this one won’t be quite as fun for the Yankees captain. He’ll have no choice other than to watch from the dugout as this series against the Mets plays out.

Jeter made a brief appearance on the field at Yankee Stadium before Wednesday’s game, playing catch during batting practice, and said that it was the first time he has done so since having a walking boot removed from his left foot last week.

“I just started throwing today. I’ve got another test in the next week and a half, and after that I’ll know [more],” Jeter said. “I can’t run, I can’t do anything like that until the next test. We’ll wait to see what happens.”

Jeter quipped that his arm felt good after the light round of catch with Anthony Flynn, the Yanks’ assistant video coordinator, and said that he has not experienced much pain or stiffness in his ankle, which was diagnosed with a small new fracture in April.

“It’s been good,” Jeter said. “Like I said, I haven’t done anything besides walk. It’s been pretty good doing that, but we won’t know until the test. You can’t fake out a CT scan, so we’ll see what it says.”

Jeter said that while this season has been frustrating for him, he is proud of the way that the Yankees have handled the losses of several key pieces to remain competitive in the American League East.

“You can’t concern yourself with who’s not here,” Jeter said. “They’re not here now, so the guys need to continue playing well. They’ve been playing well with all the injuries that we’ve had. Everyone’s done a great job. You want that to continue, but you can’t really concern with yourself with people that aren’t here, just like I’m sure they’re not concerned with me.”


This team NEEDS to get its everyday players back.


Is this a joke or what? 3 straight losses to the lowly Mets? Hide your heads guys! The subway series is a fizzle.


who’s the best baseball team in New York? Based on this series you’d have to say the Mets.


starter out in 1st inning means overtaxing the bull pen.3 pitchers in 2 innings. Is the B team showing its weaknesses after the adrenalin rush of the first 2 months of the season? Were they playing way over their heads? Have other teams now caught up and outplaying them? Could be a critical point in the season especially if injured guys coming back don’t live up to expectation.


Why the hell would Phelps say he’s ok after taking a pitch off his arm. he might have known he wasn’t ready. And what’s wrong with the Larry and Joe they wouldn’t know he wasn’t ready. A big fiasco all round if you ask me. Lately getting poor pitching by bull pen and now Phelps and too little offense and we win 2 against the Rays and blow 3 against the lowly Mets .What an embarrassment. You can’t keep losing and expect teams like the Red Sox and O’s to keep losing. Last night was certainly not something you could expect from Mo. If we don’t get this starting lineup sorted out with guys coming back and start getting some offense we’re going to be in trouble no matter how well the B team has played.


I’d rather not to get a continuous update on these players as to where they are in their rehab until they are ready to come back. Predictions are often unrealistic. There are too many variables. Too many set backs. Fans build up hopes and expectations and are then disappointed. Don’t tell us until they get clearance to step back on the field. I’m sure it would be easier for the fill ins who are bravely trying to get the job done and being paid a pittance in comparison to the big “stars” who haven’t played for 2 months but drawing big salaries.


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