Yankees notes & quotes: Welcome to the Subway Series

The next four days will be filled with action between the Yankees and Mets, as the revised home-and-home version of the Subway Series kicks off tonight at Citi Field. It’s difficult to believe that it has been 17 years since these two crosstown rivals first met in a game that counted.

While the Subway Series probably won’t ever equal the intensity of the 2000 World Series, Joe Girardi – who was there for the first meeting back in June ’97 as an active player – thinks that Yankees-Mets is still quite worthwhile.

“I enjoy it. I think it’s great for the city and fun for the players,” Girardi said. “It’s something different and there’s obviously emotion in it. Probably the game that I remember the most was Tex scoring from first on the pop-up to second base, more than any game. It was a crazy night. But I enjoy it.”

Girardi is, of course, referring to the June 2009 game where Luis Castillo dropped an Alex Rodriguez pop-up in the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium. Mark Teixeira ran hard all the way from first base, scoring the winning run and stunning the Mets. The funny thing about that paragraph is, none of those players are active and in uniform here tonight.

Mariano Rivera continued his “Mo-Ment of Thanks” tour tonight in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, meeting with 18 longtime Mets season ticket holders and employees. One question he was asked — did he think, even for a split second, that Mike Piazza’s deep fly ball in Game 5 of the World Series was going to leave Shea Stadium? Rivera shook his head.

“As a pitcher, you know,” Rivera said, laughing.

Here are the pitching probables for the series:

Mon., 5/27 at New York-NL
RHP Phil Hughes (2-3, 5.51) vs. LHP Jonathon Niese (3-5, 4.80)
7:10 p.m. YES/MLB Net.

Tue., 5/28 at New York-NL
RHP Hiroki Kuroda (6-3, 2.67) vs. RHP Matt Harvey (5-0, 1.93)
7:10 p.m. MY9 / ESPN

Wed., 5/29 vs. New York-NL
RHP David Phelps (3-2, 3.96) vs. RHP Jeremy Hefner (0-5, 4.76)
7:05 p.m. YES

Thur., 5/30 vs. New York-NL
LHP Vidal Nuno (1-1, 1.93) vs. RHP Dillon Gee (2-6, 6.34)
7:05 p.m. YES / MLB Net.


As much as I truly like this team they NEED to get some of their offensive players back ASAP. One run tonight, wasteing a great pitching performance by Hughes. robert G. IF Robertson is the one destined to replace Mo he better learn HOW to throw strikes. He throws way too many balls out of the strike zone for me. NOT a good performance by him tonight but Robertson is Mr. Inconsistent,


What the hell is wrong with Robertson? Hughes pitches a great game. Robertson comes in gives up hits, throws 13 strikes and 12 balls and ends up giving the Mets the lead in the 8th. All he’s got to do is pitch 1 damn inning and he can’t do that properly. Hate to see the Yankees drop out of 1st place where they’ve been now for quite a while but they haven’t been winning like the Red Sox and the O’s and need to win this series because the Red Sox and O’s and the Rays aren’t going to go away.


now we got Robertson friggin around in the 8th doing his best to throw this game away. Are we going to lose to the lowly Mets. Red Sox Won. Orioles won. If Yankees lose we’re in 2nd place a game behind. Not enough consistency with this team, .Certainly not enough offense. Can’t win games only getting 1 run


Girardi leaves Hughes in one inning too long again. He’s around 85 pitches which is where Hughes usually begins to falter. Sure enough he gives up the long ball and the game is tied. He’s pitched a great game up until now but Girardi should not push beyond what he can manage. Such a close game. You can’t afford to give up a home run. This could be the game right here.


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