Injury updates: Nova activated, Teixeira and others on the way

Quick updates to share:

The Yankees have made a roster move tonight at Tropicana Field, activating right-hander Ivan Nova from the disabled list and optioning right-hander Dellin Betances to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

Nova will work out of the bullpen. Joe Girardi said there was some thought to having Nova replace Vidal Nuno as tomorrow’s starter, but the Yankees liked what Nuno showed during his start in Cleveland earlier in the month and want to stick with him.

Mark Teixeira said he will play in an Extended Spring game tomorrow – Kevin Youkilis will as well. Teixeira expects to join Double-A Trenton for rehab games on Wednesday and Thursday, and hopes to be activated after that.

Andy Pettitte played catch and will throw a bullpen tomorrow. He feels fine and hopes he’ll just need one simulated game to be ready for activation. Joba Chamberlain will throw 30 pitches in Extended Spring tomorrow and could be activated after that.

Also, Chris Stewart is back in the Yankees lineup tonight. Not much to report on Derek Jeter; he’s in New York rehabbing, according to Girardi.


Bryan: Is is really a matter of being lucky or unlucky? How often does this happen to the same guy in the same season? Some guys seem to get hit more often because the pitcher is gunning for them. Not sure if that is the case for Granderson. Some guys get hit more often because they crowd the plate and almost challenge a pitcher to hit them. Some don’t seem to be able to get out of the way. What category does Granderson fall into? Cano bats left and so does Suzuki but they haven’t been out for 10weeks with 2 separate injuries to arms or hands. Got to be more than luck.


I’ve got to think it’s bad luck. J.A. Happ couldn’t find the plate in a spring training game and Cesar Ramos tried to run a sinker inside to Granderson last night. In either case, you’re not looking at guys throwing at Granderson for any reason. If you want to say Granderson should have been able to get out of the way of the pitch … OK … but the ball could’ve just as easily hit the knob of the bat and we’re not talking about this, or maybe it hits Granderson’s hand a fraction of an inch off and he’s in the lineup today. Guys get hit with pitches all around the league and it doesn’t always result in a fracture. So… if it’s not bad luck in Granderson’s case, what do we call it?


Tex says he’ll be buried in pinstripes because he was signed to such a long and lucrative contract his career will be long over before his contract is up.As I said before the guys coming back should be judged not on the size of their contract or their name and reputation but results in the field and at the plate. If Tex can’t do that or Arod or Nunez or whatever they shouldn’t be playing. Can anyone tell me why Grandy gets hit by a pitch twice in half a season so that it breaks his forearm and pinkie and he’s out of the game for 6 weeks and 4 weeks? We have millions of dollars sitting on the bench or rehabbing. Is there something wrong with where he stands on the plate facing lefty pitching? Do pitchers only throw at him. It seemed to me the last time trying to get out of the way of the inside pitch he swung around into the pitch thereby causing the ball to hit him in the hand. Do guys not know how to jump back from the plate? Am I too naïve or what? Can the hitting coach not help him with this so it doesn’t keep happening? Can a guy be this unlucky twice in a row?


Short answer: Yep, he can be that unlucky. Nothing you can really do about it.


Right now I’d DH Tex permanently when he comes back. Either that or trade him before the deadline. Not sure this guy’s career is on the downslide. One thing I would NOT do it stop playing Overbay. You play the hot hand.


Well, then what do you do with Travis Hafner? Also, Teixeira has a full no-trade clause and has said he’ll be “buried in pinstripes.” He’s not going anywhere.


personally I think they need to hold onto him. Who knows how Tex will be when he comes back after being off so long and how he’ll handle every day play. We don;t have the luxury of waiting for him to get off to his usual slow start at this point in the season. Overbay has experience and he;s performed well for us this year.


Finally we’re getting some guys back. I wonder where Overbay will go. He’s proved (or re-proved) his worth and will make a nice addition to some team that needs a good 1st Baseman.



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