Phil Hughes looks to bounce back tonight vs. Orioles

Phil Hughes said that he had a few sleepless nights after the worst start of his professional career, a nightmarish outing last time out against the Mariners in which he surrendered seven runs and was not able to escape the first inning.

“You lay in bed and you think about things; what could have gone differently for you and what you could have done better,” Hughes said. “It’s tough. It’s tough any way you slice it. I’m looking forward to taking the ball [tonight] and hopefully getting back on a good streak.”

Hughes said that he found in his bullpen that he was on the side of the ball a little bit, which was causing his fastball to run back over the middle of the plate. Hughes tends to pitch up in the zone anyway – he’s a fly ball pitcher and that lends itself to home runs at times – so he really must hit the corners to be effective.

“It’s all fastball command, really,” Hughes said. “The days that I’ve had good command of my fastball, I’ve been able to work everything off that. Those have been the good ones. The bad ones, I’m falling behind and trying to figure something out.

“When the fastball is there and I’m locating it, I have a good chance to be good that day. If not, I think I need to do a better job of recognizing that earlier and throwing more off-speed pitches to try to counter-balance that.”

Miguel Gonzalez has the starting nod for the Orioles, and the action gets underway tonight at 7:05 p.m. ET from Oriole Park at Camden Yards.


Romine doesn’t do much at the plate. Need to get Cervelli back.Not sure how long he’s out. Stewart gives you more at the plate than Romine, but not much. We have a weak catcher tandem right now. Strong defensively but don’t expect any offense.Well Hughes didn’t implode which is good.Gave up 2 homes runs to Dickerson which shouldn’t happen. Didn’t last though past the 6th and so then you have to use your pen too much until the end of the game. Not a bad outing. Not a great one. Can only hope the pen holds the score as it is and the Yankees can pick up a couple of runs in late innings or overtime which they did last night.


how do you give up 2 home runs to Chris Dickerson? Hughes and giving up the home run ball. That’s what kills him every game. Dickerson didn’t hit that many home runs the whole time he was with the Yankees, did he? Something wrong with the pitches Hughes is throwing him obviously. Probably fast ball in the middle of the plate. I’m checking in on gameday tonight. No channel carrying the Yankees game up here.


How long is it going to take for Granderson to start hitting. Usual strike outs just outs period. If he doesn’t start getting it together maybe we don’t play him and go with Wells, Gardner and Suzuki. Personally if the Yankees could trade him at the end of the season they should. Not sure if after the injury he’s going to be able to hit the home runs he did last year. Seeknay, so far Hughes is pitching pretty well. Often the problem is Girardi leaves him in too long and then he has the big inning.


Soooooo which Hughes shows up tonight. The good one or the bad one???? If I was a betting man I’d avoid betting on any Hughes pitched game. More importantly CC’s outings only get worse and that has to be a growing concern.


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