Fan favorite David Cone bartending for charity at Foley’s NY on May 18

foleys-coneFan favorite and current YES Network broadcaster David Cone will be “pitching” in to help a good cause on Sat., May 18, when he slides behind the bar at Foley’s NY Restaurant and Pub for “A Perfect Evening With David Cone.”

Cone will be pouring beverages and signing autographs to benefit the YAI Network ( – an inaugural Yankees HOPE Week honoree) and their Manhattan Day Hab facility from 7-9 p.m. ET. There is no cover charge.

All money raised from autograph, auction and raffle sales, plus half of the proceeds from the bar, will be donated to YAI’s efforts in “seeing beyond disability”: to ensure that men, women and children with developmental and learning disabilities have access to the support and services that they need to live productive, independent, and healthy lives.

Foley’s NY is located at 18 West 33rd Street in New York, opposite the Empire State Building.

Autographs will be available for a charitable donation of $20 each. There will also be a limited number of 8×10 photographs available for sale at a price of $5, representing Cone’s July 18, 1999 Yankees perfect game as well as his years across town with the Mets.


In addition to Cone’s appearance, there is a terrific raffle and several exciting surprises on deck for the event. Raffle tickets will be sold for $10 each (with a special deal of three for $20), and we can now reveal some of the great prizes that people will be bringing home from Foley’s NY on Saturday night:

  • Autographed Joe Girardi Major League Baseball (donated by the New York Yankees)
  • Autographed Matt Harvey Major League Baseball (donated by the New York Mets)
  • “The Ultimate Bleacher Creature Experience” – two tickets to a Yankees home game, two t-shirts and the chance to lead ‘Roll Call’ (donated by “Bald Vinny” Milano and the Bleacher Creatures)
  • Two tickets for a Hornblower Manhattan cruise (donated by Hornblower Cruises & Events)
  • Two tickets to a New York Mets home game (donated by
  • Michael Kay “CenterStage” Package: Four tickets to an episode taping, officially licensed show mugs and a Michael Kay autograph (donated by the YES Network)
  • One-year subscription to Yankees Magazine and a 2013 Yankees yearbook (donated by Yankees Publications)
  • Waterford Crystal New York Yankees cap
  • “It Ain’t Over” Gift Package – Includes family membership to the Yogi Berra Museum, free admission to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Brian Doyle and Don Mattingly autographed baseballs and more!
    (donated by the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center)

Plus, two lucky patrons will have the opportunity to bring home these great big-ticket items:

  • Legendary New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera autographed Louisville Slugger bat (How rare is this? Usually he’s seen breaking these)
  • Four tickets to a New York Mets home game, including passes to watch batting practice on the field (generously donated by the New York Mets)

We’ll be able to reveal more great items later in the week, and I want to thank Shaun Clancy at Foley’s NY and all of the wonderful people who have helped make this event a reality over the last several months.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to assist in bringing Cone and the YAI group together with Foley’s for this great event, and I’m looking forward to having some fun for a great cause. I hope we’ll see you there on Saturday night!



Not saying they’re dead yet, just way too early in the season to be saying that about any team, it’s entirely possible for them to turn things around. However, the Jays offense is basically a one trick pony, it’s all about the long ball and nothing else, that’s the way they are built. Unfortunately, they have had the same type of offense for years, and it’s led them nowhere.

I think it’s going to take a lot for them to turn themselves around, i.e. pitching staff which is near the bottom of the majors in ERA and it’s gonna take more than Johnson coming back, their pitching is atrocious right now. The offense really needs to step up and stop relying solely on the HR. HR’s alone don’t make an offense dangerous, right now they rank in the middle or bottom half in the majors in every offensive category other than HR’s, if they are going to turn themselves around it’s gonna take a lot and it’s gonna take time so they better start doing it soon. There’s a reason why they lead the AL on being shut out. These guys are very beatable right now and teams should take advantage of their weaknesses.

Frankly, I just don’t see them doing it.


Yank: Be careful of heaping too much poop onto the Jays. You might wake them up and down the stretch it will come back to haunt you. They should be performing a lot better than they are given their off season acquisitions. Just for the record .I’m not a Jays fan. Through and through Yankee. Just happen to live in the same city as the Jays play in so know a fair amount about them and their organization. I think you’re right though. We need to take the Orioles and Rays seriously and the Red Sox are performing better than they were expected. Well, that’s true for the Yankees too. Hopefully what we are seeing in the Yankees is the real deal.


Once again the Jays show why they are baseball’s biggest BUST hands down. They have yet to give Yanks a reason to worry about them as they have taken every game except 1 from the Jays so far this year. No surprise considering everyone of their pickups has been a huge bust so far. Reyes and Johnson couldn’t stay healthy. Who couldn’t see that coming? The Jays pitching so far has been one of the worst in all of baseball ranking near the bottom all season,I had a feeling they would.

The Blue Jays offense is absolutely PATHETIC. Sure, they can hit their share of HR’s, but HR’s OBVIOUSLY doesn’t equate to success or runs. Only a couple of their starters are hitting over .250 which is pretty sad in itself, and rank very average or mediocre in every other offensive category. OBVIOUSLY, they are going to have to do much better if they have any hopes of doing anything this season, especially with that pathetic pitching. The only player even doing well is that CHEATER Melky Cabrera, but with the entire offense being as pathetic as it has been that fact is inconsequential.

Looks like the only real threats the Yankees have to worry about are the Orioles and Rays, two obviously better teams, don’t think the Sox will be able to hang around all season.

If Jays can’t turn things around, they can expect a full season of mediocrity and going another whole season being irrelevant as they have been for years. No need for Yanks to worry about these guys.


Two convincing wins over the Blue Jays. I’m surprised the Jays had so much trouble with Kuroda and Phelps, especially Phelps. They had won 4 in a row. Obviously this year in Yankee stadium the Yankees have the Blue Jays number. Cano can’t hit left handed pitching but he can tee off on right handed pitching. Today is an example. Yesterday was an example of him doing nothing against a lefty. But this team is doing enough pitching-wise, defensively and offensively to win more than they’re losing. Gradually guys are coming back. Nice comeback for Hafner today with a 2 run home run. We’ve missed his bat. There’s going to be a log jam when all the injured regulars come back but as they come back others will get injured. It’s what happens. I still don’t know why we’re keeping Fransisco. Don’t like him at the plate. Two good wins in a row after two losses to a rather weak Mariners team. Yankees historically don’t do well against a knuckballer. Ex. Wakefield. They never could hit him. Hopefully CC will come with his dominant game tomorrow.


King Felix had to come out early with tweaking his back in that obstruction call and we capitalized on it. Cano came through finally. Good win boys.


GREAT comeback win tonight. Anytime you win a game that King Felix starts that is a great win. Kudos to the entire team. Watching the replays on this website, this team is having fun and enjoy the winning. Granderson & Jeter will fit comfortably with this team. Hope Tex does also as I would share his position and time with Overbay. Aroid take the year off, don;t want you screwing this team up.


Granderson back but whatever he did in the minors not the same as in the majors and against King Felix. Not a factor here tonight. Not many others are doing anything either. King Felix outdueling CC tonight. I hope with Grandy coming back it doesn’t fool up the chemistry of this team up to this point.


Ibanez comes back to haunt us. CC has lost velocity and is not the dominant pitcher he has been in the past. Yankees can’t hit King Felix. Story of tonight’s game.


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