Yankees’ Phil Hughes tries again for first win of the season

The Yankees will play the second game of their three-game series against the Athletics today at Yankee Stadium, as Phil Hughes gets the ball for his sixth start of the season.

Hughes is still looking for his first win of the season, but after two rough starts to open April, he has steadily improved and pitched well enough to win in his last three outings – all no-decisions against the D-backs, Rays and Blue Jays.

“I just think his stuff in each start has gotten a little bit better,” Joe Girardi said. “The location of his fastball, his offspeed to me has gotten better. He’s pitched well enough to win his last couple of games, (but) we haven’t scored a lot of runs.”

Here’s the Yankees’ lineup they’ll be sending out against old friend Bartolo Colon:

Brett Gardner CF, Robinson Cano 2B, Vernon Wells LF, Travis Hafner DH, Ichiro Suzuki RF, Chris Nelson 3B, Lyle Overbay 1B, Eduardo Nunez SS, Chris Stewart C, Phil Hughes RHP.

Full lineups and game information is available via MLB GameDay.


not really confident in this lineup tonight. Certainly Chris Nelson hasn’t showed us much yet to get excited about. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel for fill ins at 3rd base. Ain’t going to do it unless Youk can come back soon. If he’s out too long we need to trade for an experienced 3rd baseman. Nix is ok but not what we need. Kuroda is going to have to pitch very well tonight to keep the Yankees in this game.


Seeknay: Don’t really like Boesh’s contribution to this team. Other aging veterans have come through but Boesh has been in pinch hit situations several times and has struck out. Maybe he hasn’t been played enough to get into a groove but he isn’t really helping the team so far. It shows how limited our bench is. it’s hard not to expect the Yankees to win every series. That’s what they’ve done over the years. Maybe we’re asking too much until some of the regular guys comes back.


Yes robert G Nunez is injury prone. Fact is I think he’s soft as an MLB player. As for Logan, it’s NOT that we haven’t seen this before from him. Once again a NEED not addressed by Cashman. One lefty in the pen who is NOT consistent at all, that is NOT what a GM is paid to do.


Not a real strong outing for Andy. Threw too many pitches. Out in the 5th inning and then over to depleted bull pen without Robertson or Chamberlain. Claiborne did well but then our lefty Logan comes in who has been inconsistent all year and gives up a home run and puts the team behind a run in the 8th. We’re not going to be able to go the rest of this season with only 1 lefty in the bull pen. Why doesn’t Girardi use Nuno? Sounds like Robertson might be back on Tuesday. Hate to lose a series after these retreads have done pretty well up to this point. And we lose Nunez again? Is he injury prone or what?


Looks like Hughes has it going as he puts together his fourth straight solid outing in a row. Dude has been dealing like we knew he could. He’ll be a key pitcher in keeping this team’shead above water, just as he has been a key pitcher in two of the past three years.


Never been a Hughes fan but it looks like he’s pitching for an extended contract. Good job by him today. Shawn Kelley is quickly finding his way back to the minors.


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