“Good opportunity” for Yanks’ David Phelps

David Phelps gets the ball tonight for his first start of the season after making six relief appearances, and as the Yankees try to win two of three from the Houston Astros, Phelps will try to continue proving that he is capable of handling both a starting role as well as coming out of the bullpen.

“It’s a good opportunity,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “We’ve loved what he’s done over the last couple of years that we’ve had him. Whether it’s been in the rotation or in the bullpen, we think he’s really learned a lot and progressed well. But it’s a good opportunity for him to get in the rotation.”

Girardi said that the Yankees can expect to squeeze about 90 pitches from Phelps tonight.

“I think it’s important that we get as much as we can out of him as far as innings because that always helps the bullpen,” Girardi said. “So it would be helpful.”

Lineups and game information is available via MLB GameDay.


This is where we are missing the regulars in the late innings. We’ve got two men on base and 1 out. And Chris Stewart at bat and in typical fashion he grounds out to the 3rd baseman with Nunez sitting on 3rd. They intentionally walk Suzuki and Nix ends up striking out with the bases loaded. A chance to get an insurance run or two and they don’t get it done. And the pitcher on the mound has thrown almost twice as many balls as he has strikes. What more can you say? Now we can only hope for a save.


Too bad the Yankees passed on Napoli in the off season. Really strong at the plate for the Red Sox. We needed his power.


Phelps has done well in relief but it’s different as a starter. Get him into the 5th and he starts to tire. Girardi left him out there too long with it being his first start. Bad decision. Whether the Yankees can regroup and pull this one out will be interesting. Would be a bit embarrassing to lose the series to the lowly Astros after the Red Sox swept them.


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