Pettitte, Romine ready to take on the Astros

If you’re Austin Romine, strapping on the catching gear for your first big league start of the season, it has to be a reassuring sight to see Andy Pettitte’s name listed on the lineup card. Romine said he takes pride in going over the scouting reports with a fine-tooth comb, and I have no doubt he’ll be prepared with a back story for every one of the Astros’ hitters.

But still, Pettitte knows what his game plan should be and certainly is comfortable taking the wheel. With the Yankees trusting Romine and Pettitte to figure out the pitch-calling without any interference from the bench, Pettitte’s savvy is a nice fail-safe to have.

“Andy is pretty good about taking other players under his wing and letting them know what he wants to do,” Joe Girardi said. “He’s not going to get flustered out there if they don’t get in a rhythm right away. I think for that it works pretty well.”

Romine said that he spent the weekend catching guys in the bullpen after he was called up on Saturday, including getting re-acquainted with Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda. As of a few hours before game time, Romine said he wasn’t feeling any butterflies as he prepared to get behind the plate in a Major League game for the first time since Sept. 2011.

“No, actually I’m really excited. I thought there would be some,” Romine said. “I’m sure when the game starts I’ll be a little more excited than normal. I’m really excited to get out there and take hold of this opportunity.”

Lineups and game information are available via MLB GameDay. 


Can’t help wondering if this performance tonight has more to say about Romine than about Andy. They haven’t worked together and Romine is an inexperienced catcher at the major league level. How well does Romine know the Houston Astros? This is where we are missing Cervelli.


The wheels have fallen off for Andy. And against the Astros, the worst team in baseball.We’ve gotten to expect a big win from Andy every time he pitches. guess he is showing he’s human. Everyone predicting a sweep. Never do that against a bad team because that gives them a reason to show they are better than they are. Like tonight. Hopefully this is only a one off game for Andy and not an indication that age is catching up with him.


NOT a good night so far for Andy P.


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