Out of necessity, Yankees turn to Hughes

In a perfect world, the Yankees would have received a report sometime today about Phil Hughes’ outing for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. This is not a perfect world, so they’ll be able to watch Hughes get his work in against the Tigers right here in Detroit.

Manager Joe Girardi said that the team’s overtaxed bullpen left them with little padding if anything were to happen with David Phelps, who’d originally been the Yankees’ scheduled starter today, so they changed Hughes’ travel itinerary coming from Florida and told him to skip the extra Minor League outing.

“We don’t really have a long guy if we start Phelpsie today, so we felt if something were to happen with Phelpsie we’d have a little trouble there,” Girardi said. “It was kind of out of necessity. We wanted him to make one more start, but he’s going to make it here.”

If you’re wondering what Derek Jeter is up to, he took 41 ground balls this morning on the outfield grass standing near the left field fence. If this update sounds at all familiar, it’s because Jeter basically was doing the same thing on Feb. 11.

Jeter tried to suggest on March 24 that he hadn’t actually had a setback, but the fact that he seems to be starting Spring Training over points to that he is still weeks and not days away from being in a big league game.

That increases the importance that the Yankees get Eduardo Nunez back as soon as possible from his bruised right biceps; he is expected to only be available as a pinch-runner today but said he could play tomorrow.

The Yankees and Tigers get started here at Comerica Park at 4:05 p.m. ET. Lineups for both teams and expanded game information is available via MLB GameDay.


yankmeister IF this team had ownership with ANY baseball brains and NOT spoiled children at its helm it would clean house at the minor league level. Scouts, managers and other coaches NEED to jjbe totally evaluated. I’d be packing the likes of Stump Merrill and others joff to pasture. Most, if NOT all, of these pitchings prospects are injured, babied or the the combination of the two. Joba is a HEAD case. He is NOT a starter, never was and never will be. He nibbles and cannot throw strikes. When he comes in a game I usually say game over. Hughes has been babied more than any. Injured and inconsistent. They guy has the stuff but NOT the mental ability to fight through bad innings. Fed up with the both of them. Like I say I’d be cleaning out the minor league system ASAP. Of course you have to have onwership with some baseball brains and I’m not sure either of these brothers do.


Should be other teams’ dust. At end of entr


Got news for you folks the Yankee scouting system and player development at the minor league level is responsible for this. I lost patience with Hughes and his buddy Joba three years ago. The only one of those “young” pitchers from a few years ago that is worth a crap is Ian Kennedy and he’s with the Diamondbacks. Pitchers are NOT being developed or groomed at the minor league level. Rarely do Yankee fans see a everyday player developed. Add to that Hank & Hall worried more about Luxury Tax and doing ZERO in free agency and you have a team that is in a downward spiral. Too many injuries + age + no minor league development = A Disaster in the makine.


I said something similar to what you just said seeknay in a previous post. This team hasn’t produced a pitcher who has done anything significant in a long time. Yeah there’s Kennedy, but his pitching style fits better in the NL to begin with considering the differences in the NL offenses.Most likely, Kennedy would have struggled badly had he stayed in the AL. Hughes has been the most successful pitcher this organization in recent years winning 16 last year and18 2 years prior to that, but that’s not near enough for this organization to be considered a success. I thought Joba would be something special, but that was before this team completely botched his handling and decided to baby him with those moronic Joba Rules. That’s the main reason Joba has failed to develop as a pitcher, heck, I doubt he will ever develop into anything more than a “decent”relief pitcher. One can also blame bad luck as well as injuries have hit the top pitching prospects in the organization hard over the years slowing their development or preventing their development altogether.

No this team hasn’t just failed to develop pitchers in recent years, they have also failed to develop hitters as well. One can bring up Cano and Gardner, but REALLY? This team needs far more than Cano, and Gardner is nothing more than a No.4 OF’er who is limited offensively. Heck, this team didn’t even miss him last season despite not having the ideal situation in LF to replace him. This team got the most offense from that position in a long time.

Development starts with the draft, and this team has done a horrible job of drafting for years overreaching and coming up with more busts in recent years. This team really needs to takeaway hard look at. It’s minor league systemic be left in other teamsr


Very depressing on the Yankee scene. Nobody can get anybody out. All we can do is hope it improves. CC needs to be an ace tomorrow against Verlander.


Hughes generally has more upside than Nova, while Nova has been stinking it up for more than a season now. It’s going to take more than one major deal to right this ship, so I don’t see the FO going down that route. So far we’ve seen why this team is no longer an elite team in the AL. Too many team have passed them by and have far better talent on their rosters. Crashman will continue to do what he has done so far……..load this roster with old, injury prone players near the end of their careers to try and make up that difference.


Yankees pitching is simply 2nd rate at best. Hughes and Nova, among others, cannot be counted on to pitch consistently for more than 4 innings a game … and CC and Pettitte will fold if they are forced to carry the load. The middle inning (Long Relief) arms generally suck, and Robertson and Rivera are going to suffer from lack of work to keep sharp.


This is a good move. The Yankee BP is already being overworked due to performances by a shaky starting rotation. I had a feeling they would overwork their BP from the start. David Phelps is no better than a long reliever and not a quality major league starter like Warren. Neither guy is the answer to anything on this team. Both have average stuff and don’t miss many bats.

Hughes is a solid pitcher, he’s either tied for the team lead in victories or been second on the team in that category, he’s definitely among the top 3 starters on this team as he has won 18 and 16 games in 2 of the past three seasons.


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