Robinson Cano on new agency: “Yes, I’m excited, of course”’s Mark Newman has passed along some quotes from Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, who appeared this afternoon at a Victoria’s Secret VS PINK event in Soho.

Having announced his new partnership with CAA and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation venture, Cano was asked: is he ready to celebrate?

CanoHart“Not yet,” Cano said, with a grin. “We’ve got to focus on the games first and then we’ll celebrate, how about that? Yes, I’m excited, of course. When you make that kind of a decision, you have to really be with that kind of company.”

Cano was then asked if today’s news means he will stay with the Yankees, but said: “Right now, this is about Victoria’s Secret and not about contracts.”

VS model Jessica Hart, who was standing next to Cano at the time, said, “He’s diverting questions very well. I should take some lessons – you’ve been trained.”

Cano offered a terse “no” when asked if he would comment on Boras reportedly being caught unaware of his decision to switch agencies. Cano is expected to address his choice in more detail tomorrow at Yankee Stadium.


robert G. I am not convinced that this guy is worth the year’s or $$$$$ that he and his new agent want. And going 0 for tonight does NOT help his case. He might be the MVP in the WBC but he has shown me VERY little to justify a huge salary and 8-10 years. I keep hearing that he’s one of the best in the game. Could have fooled me.


I wish the news story was more about how the Yankees won their home opener and success going forward and not on Cano’s changing of agents. But that’s what the news media jumps on.


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