Opening Day: Yankees vs. Red Sox

Here is the Yankees’ Opening Day lineup:

Gardner cf
Nunez ss
Cano 2b
Youkilis 1b
Wells lf
Francisco dh
Ichiro rf
Nix 3b
Cervelli c
Sabathia lhp


Hey Yankee fans. Are you enjoying this home opener? We’re seeing the 2013 edition of the New York Yankees. Get used to it. There’s a lot more of this ahead. We’re playing the team we’ll be battling with to stay out of the basement of the division. Joba being Joba again. CC wasn’t great and the offence stinks as we knew it would with all the bats out of the lineup. It could be a desperate month of April


A decent lineup,but wait until Curtis Tex ,Jete and hopefully A-Rod come back. I imagine A-Rod or Youk will DH.


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