Yankees finalize Vernon Wells trade with Angels

In case you weren’t convinced by the fact that he has a locker in the Yankees clubhouse, held an 11-minute “welcome to the team” interview session and is in tonight’s lineup against the Astros, it’s now really, really official — Vernon Wells has been acquired by the Yankees from the Angels.

Here’s the breakdown from the Yankees’ press release, and there will be more to come later on yankees.com.

“The New York Yankees today announced they acquired three-time All-Star and three-time Gold Glove Award-winning outfielder Vernon Wells along with cash considerations from the Los Angeles Angels in exchange for minor league outfielder Exircado Cayones and minor league left-handed pitcher Kramer Sneed.”

The Yankees said that a reciprocal 40-man roster move will be announced at a later time.


If the Yankees wanted to save money they should have looked at Casper Wells from the Mariners. He would make a good fit with his old teamate Ichiro in the outfield.


Overbay is just one more retread this team got off the scrap heap. He’s old and has nothing left in the tank as his offensive stats prove. Wang is just one more injury prone player this team has managed to get, not that hard to do considering he hasn’t pitched much since ’08 because of injuries and he is starting to get up there in age. Wells is just one more player who is in his mid- 30’s and on the downside of his career with declining stats and hasn’t done much with the bat.

So let’s see, with the additions of Overbay, Wells and Wang, this team has added more age, injuries and declining performance in players who are nothing more than part time players with declining skills.

Hmmmmm, seems like more of the same of what this team has been going with for quite a while.

So how is this team improved from last year?


I like the moves Cashman has made this past week. Wells is the right handed bat we were looking for. He is a big upgrade over Andruw Jones. He can play everyday and he used to torture us. I like the Wang move for insurance as we have older starters. Overbay is definitely worth a look—–defensively he looked real good last night. This youngster from Cuba, Ronnie Mustelier looks like he can add some offense while Tex., and Grandy are down. I believe Jeter will be back soon. However, I sure wouldn’t count on AROD, but it is a possibility (I just don’t see him as a viable Yankee anymore). They’ve done all that is necessary to start season and hopefullly the pitching is good in April.


If Lyle Overbay can regain some of his performance at 1st base and at the plate that he had with the Jays a few years ago he will be an asset, an upgrade I’d say on Juan Rivera. But I guess time will tell. We are gradually stocking up on the Blue Jays cast offs. I don’t know what that says. It certainly keeps the fans guessing as to which team is going to start on April 1.


OK, they didn’t trade much to get Wells, but how do you give up a guy with a name like Kramer Sneed?


Huge get for the Angels!


Yes, I wanna know too!!!


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