Yankees will preserve ability to backdate Derek Jeter’s injury

Derek Jeter will not appear in another Grapefruit League game this spring, according to general manager Brian Cashman, because the Yankees want to be able to backdate his injury if the shortstop must begin the year on the disabled list.

Jeter will be limited to playing in Minor League games for the rest of the Yankees’ time in Spring Training. Jeter is still hopeful that he will be able to play on Opening Day, but if not, the Yankees can set the captain’s earliest return for April 6 at Detroit.

“I think we need to preserve the ability to backdate him in the event that he’s not going to make it,” Cashman said.

Teams can backdate the disabled list assignments of injured players to a date 10 days prior to the season opener. If that were to happen in Jeter’s case, he would be eligible to be activated five days (four games) into the season.

Jeter, 38, had a cortisone injection in his surgically repaired left ankle on Wednesday and is expected to be unable to play for at least a few days, though he said on Thursday that if this were the regular season, he’d fight to be in the lineup.

“If it ain’t broke, you can play,” Jeter said. “So yeah, if I had to play, I would play.”

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I call it “Opening Day Nightmare”

I was on a deserted island
from November until Opening Day
Somebody nice sent me tickets
to watch the Yankees play

I’d just taken a bite from a hot dog
and a first swig from a luke-warm beer
When over the P-A system
the Opening Day lineup I could hear

Kevin Youklis playing first base
That had to be a mistake
Travis Hafner was our DH
I’m in The Stadium not the Jake!

Who the heck is this Mustelier
Giardi’s got playing at third.
And Cervelli’s our starting catcher?
Then it gets even more absurd.

Brennan Boesch is playing left field?
Is he missing a “d” in his first name?
And God forbid, no Derek Jeter
playing short in this first game?

I start to sweat, I drop my dog
how could one offseason be so cruel
I sit back down with my fingers crossed
hoping the P-A blares “April Fools!”

Today’s (3-22) Pinstripe Birthday Celebrant showed up with five different position gloves at NY’s 1985 spring training camp. We could use him this year. http://pinstripebirthdays.mlblogs.com/2013/03/22/less


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