Mark Teixeira on wrist injury: “I can’t come back too early”

Mark Teixeira returned to Yankees camp on Sunday morning and clarified that the injury he suffered this spring was to his right tendon sheath, which is a similar injury to the one that the Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista had last season.

There had been some confusion because even though GM Brian Cashman said Teixeira and Bautista had similar injuries, the Yankees also said Teixeira’s injury was to the tendon, not the tendon sheath. In any event, Bautista rushed back from the injury and needed surgery, which is a mistake that Teixeira does not intend to repeat.

Teixeira said that while he’d love to be back in the eight to 10 weeks outlined by the Yankees, he also does not want to have a setback like Bautista’s, having learned a lesson from his own nagging calf injury last season. For the first time, Teixeira raised the possibility that he might miss all of May because of the wrist injury.

“This is one of those things I can’t come back too early,” Teixeira said. “We saw when I tried to play too early last year what happened. This is unfortunately, if I try to play too early, we could miss the whole season and we don’t want that. I don’t know if it’s going to be middle of May, end of May, beginning of June. I don’t know when it is, but I know that there’s a whole bunch of season left and the time that really matters is the playoffs.

“We have a great team, we have guys that are going to be able to pick me up when I’m gone. We have guys that can pick Curtis [Granderson] up when he’s gone. I think Curtis and I will be back around the same time and that’ll be a big boost to the club.”

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