Mariano Rivera has made a decision

Mariano RiveraMariano Rivera knows exactly what he is going to be doing after this season. From the way he phrased his responses today, all indications point toward retirement, but the Yankees closer said he needs to tie up a few loose ends before he publicly announces his decision.

“Yes, I have [made a decision]. I won’t give it up until I’m ready for that,” Rivera said. “Yes, I have. I will tell you guys when it is the right moment.”

If this sounds familiar, it should, because Rivera relished parrying with the media all of last spring about the same topic. There’s one key difference this year, however: Rivera promised that he’ll reveal his decision by the end of Spring Training.

“Don’t worry, the time will come,” Rivera said. “You guys have been patient enough. Another day or week, it won’t hurt.”

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The Great Rivera——it makes a fan happy to hear him speak and see him. This picture of him throwing hasn’t changed one iota in all the years I’ve watched him pitch. This one shot tells all—-Mo will be the same as always.


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