Cervelli addresses link to South Florida clinic

Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli said that he went to the now-shuttered Biogenesis clinic after suffering a foot injury in 2011 and did meet with biochemist Anthony Bosch, but only once and that he left without receiving any drugs.

“When I got my foot injured in 2011, I checked with doctors and somebody
recommended me Biogenesis,” Cervelli said. “I went there for maybe suggestions, and that’s it.

“I walked away without nothing in my hands. I just went there, talked and that’s

Cervelli added that he was not referred to the clinic by any player or agent, and that he has never taken performance-enhancing drugs of any kind. He also said that he plans to cooperate with Major League Baseball’s ongoing investigation and has “never” discussed Biogenesis with Alex Rodriguez.

We’ll have more coverage of Cervelli’s meeting with the media today on yankees.com.


Clearing up ambiguity, which sounds pretty clear cut that he’s nothing to hide & stating that he’s going to cooperate with MLB’s investigation – pretty bog standard stuff. Now the question’s been answered it SHOULD be the last he has to address it.


Sounds like Cervelli is innocent, so why even discuss it?


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