Jeter runs for first time since surgery

Derek Jeter ran on a treadmill today for the first time since his ankle surgery and said that it felt “great.”

“I’m progressing, like I told you,” Jeter said. “I’m right where I need to be. I’ve gotten the OK to do everything.”

Jeter also took about 75 to 80 ground balls at the Yankees’ Minor League complex in Tampa, Fla., with limited lateral movement.

Speaking to reporters from his car as he left camp, Jeter said that he’s close to where he normally would be in preparing for a season, and that being cleared to run was the final hurdle.

“I feel fine,” he said. “I was able to do everything else, I just had to be careful with that (ankle). Now I’ve got the green light with that.”


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I would make Jeter the full time dh. I followed Nunez at AAA last year when he got off the DL. He played ss every day. The first couple games back he made two errors, but for the rest of the month he went error free. He has much better range than Jeter (understandable given Jeter’s age and recent injury) and made a play in the playoffs that should have open some eyes. Jeter is my all time favorite Yankee, but it is time to give Nunez a real chance (not a game here and there) to prove he can be the ss.


Sure is better talking about the captain and playing baseball than talking about you know who!!!!


Doubt the Yanks platoon Jeter, he’s still the better hitter and fielder compared to Nunez who couldn’t filed that position if his life depended on it. SS is Jeter’s to lose.


I would bet he will be 100% come start of season but the Yankees being the Yankees will probably have him DH (when Hafner sits against lefties) and play Nunez in the field, at least for the early part of the season. He is my SS on my Fantasy team still and I hope he makes a run at Pete Rose for all-time hit leader. GO JETER!!!


Awesome!! Way to go Derek!


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