Message received: Joba hears from Youkilis

Joba Chamberlain, Kevin YoukilisI guess we can all take that deep sigh of relief now. Kevin Youkilis has sent Joba Chamberlain a text message, according to Newsday’s Erik Boland, who is on the ground down in Tampa:

There was never much doubt that Chamberlain and Youkilis were going to put aside their differences and try to play nice as teammates, but at least there’s some confirmation that things are moving in the right direction.

Chamberlain had said that he reached out to Youkilis shortly after the third baseman signed in December, leaving a voice mail that went unreturned for a while.

Other notes passed along on Twitter by Boland and the New York Daily News’ Anthony McCarron as they guard the sidewalk outside the Yankees’ minor league complex (the media is not being allowed on the grounds yet — check out McCarron’s sweet photo):

Michael Pineda threw approximately 25 pitches from a half-mound. It’s his third such session of the spring. … Phil Hughes and Clay Rapada have arrived. David Robertson is also on site. … Derek Jeter worked out again. … Ivan Nova stopped briefly and told reporters he has no doubt he’ll be in the Yankees rotation.

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This ”story” about Joba and Youk? Your telling us we can relax now? Well the baseball fans never paid any attention to the ”story” because there never was a story. You sports writers were trying to cause trouble so that you would have more to write about. There never was a story, but we will relax anyways. Thank you.


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