Kevin Youkilis shows off new batting stance

Kevin YoukilisKevin Youkilis owns one of the most distinctive batting stances in the big leagues, but he’ll be showing off a modified version when he reports to Yankees Spring Training later this month.

Among the chief changes implemented since we last saw him — Youkilis has lowered his hands, he’s crouching a little more, has more balance, a shortened delivery, and less of a leg kick.

For a demonstration, you’ll have to tune in tonight to Yankees Access on YES. Youkilis will explain the how and why behind the mechanics, among a variety of topics, tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET after the Nets postgame show.

Youkilis also told Jack Curry of YES that he has already heard from some members of the Yankees’ celebrity fan base, including actor and comedian Adam Sandler.

“I talked to Adam and he always says it was the hardest thing for him every time I came up to bat,” Youkilis told Curry. “Because being Jewish, he’s like, ‘Gosh, I gotta root for him its sacrilegious not to root for a Jewish ball player,’ but he plays for the Red Sox so I can’t root for him.’ He said, ‘I always cheered for you, but man, you always killed us and I always hated that part.'”

Updated — here’s the video, via YES.

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