A-Rod receives good news after surgery

Alex RodriguezMore information from Alex Rodriguez’s hip surgery is trickling out, and there are positive signs for him and the Yankees.

A person familiar with the diagnosis told The Associated Press that A-Rod was found to have minimal cartilage damage in his left hip during Wednesday’s procedure, a detail that the Yankees did not make public in their post-surgery statement.

Dr. Bryan Kelly said on a Jan. 8 conference call that there were three main areas he’d focus on: reattaching A-Rod’s torn labrum, reshaping the bone to allow better mechanics, and repairing as much cartilage damage as possible.

“One thing is certain: the less permanent damage you have to the cartilage, the greater the probability is for return to pre-injury level of play,” Kelly said.

A-Rod was discharged from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York on Thursday and his recovery time is expected to be six months.

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I see absolutely NO positive news about a-rod. Now if he were to go play for the astro’s, that would be positive news for the Yankees, but not the astro’s


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