Cervelli: “I really want it and this is my dream”

Ivan Nova; Francisco CervelliFrancisco Cervelli is considered the early front-runner for the Yankees’ starting catching job in 2013, nudging ahead of Chris Stewart, Austin Romine and Bobby Wilson as the club prepares to head to Spring Training.

The Yankees insist that it’s more likely than not that they’ve already got their Opening Day catcher on the roster, but plenty can change between now and Opening Day, as Cervelli learned the hard way last season. It’s fair to say he wasn’t exactly planning on spending so much time in places like Rochester and Batavia.

With that in mind, he told the Newark Star-Ledger’s Jeff Bradley in a telephone interview that he didn’t celebrate much when Russell Martin inked a two-year, $17 million deal with the Pirates.

“I was happy for Russell because it was a good deal for him,” Cervelli said. “But for myself, I’m not going to make any conclusions. I know I have a lot of work to do, and I am going to remain very focused on that work.

“The way I’m thinking, I’ve changed a little bit because of what happened last year,” Cervelli continued. “But I’m very positive and looking forward to being the starting catcher, but I don’t think too much about it. I keep my expectations low because a lot of things can happen. But I really want it and this is my dream. It’s always been my dream.”

And just because, this seems like a good time to drop in this Cervelli classic from the spring:


IT looks more and more like the Yankees got hosed in the Jesus Montero trade from last year. Not only did Michael Pineda go down for the year with a bad wing clouding his future, it now looks like Jose Campos is yet another injury prone pitcher who the Yanks got in the same deal as he only pitched 25 innings last season due to elbow problems. Arm problems have really dogged some of the top Yankee pitching prospects for years. Guys like Manny Banuelos who is supposed to be the top pitching prospect in the organization will miss the upcoming season trying to recover from TJ surgery, not that he was pitching very well before he got hurt. Don’t look for the Yanks to call up any of its top pitching prospect for several years.

However, back to the catching problem this team now has no real answer to its catching problem. Sorry, but Cervelli has been given plenty of chances to prove he is a major league quality catcher, but has failed. Who will the Yanks turn to if Cervelli doesn’t work out?


I’m really glad Cervelli is finally going to get a shot as everyday catcher for the Yanks..I like his skills and great attitude..Good Luck Francisco!


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