Raul Ibanez discussing return with the Yankees

Curtis Granderson, Raul IbanezRemember when you were a kid, and you’d hunt through the house for a day or so, looking for something to wrap up for your parents as the holidays approached? “Merry Christmas, Dad, I put a bow on this stapler you already owned.”

Doesn’t it kind of feel that’s how the Yankees’ winter is going?

Brian Cashman’s shopping is continuing to center from within, as the Yankees are engaging the representative for Raul Ibanez, the most clutch bat of their postseason run and another one of their internal free agents.

The New York Post reports that GM Brian Cashman has confirmed the discussions with Ibanez, who would be strictly a DH if he returns — interesting, considering his appeal last year was that unlike candidates like Johnny Damon or Hideki Matsui, the Yankees trusted Ibanez to play the outfield (and, it turned out, had to use him there more than expected).

The Yankees have an all left-handed hitting outfield of Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson and Ichiro Suzuki, so they need some right-handed balance. Scott Hairston’s name has been floated for weeks, but he’s rather popular on the open market and might command a two-year deal, something the Yankees have seemed reluctant to extend.

  • Elsewhere, Joba Chamberlain told MLB Network yesterday that he and Kevin Youkilis are ready to bury the hatchet from their interesting past. Chamberlain left Youkilis a voice mail as the third baseman’s contract with the Yankees was nearing completion.“I’m glad he’s on our side of things,” Chamberlain said. “We’re both grown men, we both like to play the game. We’ll continue to move on. I’m glad he’s in our uniform and hopefully he can hit a few balls to right field over the fence for us and not against me like he’s done before.”
  • Nick Swisher’s “Swishapalooza” tour is continuing. The Indians always seemed like a good dark horse candidate to land him — the Yankees’ trip to Cleveland last season felt almost like a homecoming for Swisher. I’d imagine the Ohio State product must have been impressed by the Tribe’s recruiting video, which featured Urban Meyer, Thad Matta and others begging Swish to sing “Hang On Sloopy” with the fans 81 times per year.


This team really SCARES me, and not in a good way. This team is loaded down with old players who have seen their best years pass them by long ago and whose skills have decline badly. A-rod anyone? Crashman is making the same old mistakes he has made in past years and sitting on his hands and not really improving this tesm in a big way while he sits on his hands and watches other teams in the AL closing the gap or passing them by while others who are already ahead of the Yanks in terms of talent stay ahead. Not the way to build a successful team. Age doesn’t guarantee success, this team definitely needs to start getting younger in order to compete and stop going after old guys such as I described whoget bymore on reputation than skills. Guys like Rivera and Pettitte can’t be relied on for a whole season as we have seen, but then again there isnothing in the minor leagues who are ready to step right in and take over.

Make no mistake, this team is definitely regressing and hasno real solution to change the course its on. People see this team falling in the power rankings and for good reason…….it’s loaded with old players who can’t hit in the post season and are no longer clutch.

This team might, just might get to the postseason, but no one should be surprised to see this team fall flat on its face because Crashman once again did apoor job of putting this team together with quality talent.


I really like Yankee pace this off season. Deliberate but sound. Yes we’re old, but guys like Jeter, Ichiro, Andy P. and Mo are special players who keep figuring it out even though they are old. Youk, not having to play in the spotlight of Boston will do great for us. Right handed hitter———-I suppose they could take a one year flyer on Delmon Young. When AROD comes back, he can be DH and give right handed pop. Trust me, the Yanks may not be getting much respect in the news, but every big league player knows how good they are. Catcher, who knows——-they seem like they believe in the guys they have. I like the idea of bringing in some homegrown guys———they learn early how to be a Yankee and deal with the pressure.


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