Yankees at the Winter Meetings: Day 3

Brian CashmanHello once again from Opryland, where the Yankees have thus far been defined by the quote Brian Cashman gave yesterday: “Beggars can’t be choosers.” In a long line of statements that I believe George Steinbrenner would have found curious this winter, that one might be at the top.

Regardless, the Yankees are moving forward on the respective fronts to fill their needs, and Cashman did say yesterday that he believes the team will be in position to complete something by the time they check out of Nashville tomorrow.

Will it be a huge splash, like a trade involving Curtis Granderson? Could be. I’d point out that when the three-way trade went down between the Yankees, Tigers and D-backs in ’09, there wasn’t a whole lot of advance warning. Maybe the Yankees are laying in the weeds with all of this talk to keep expectations low — and maybe not.

Here’s a brief summary of where we believe things to stand right now:

  • Catcher: Cashman said that he believes the catching will come from within (Francisco Cervelli, Chris Stewart, Austin Romine), despite confirming that he has made contact with the agent for A.J. Pierzynski. Cashman went so far as to state that he didn’t believe he could upgrade over what the Yankees already have, because they’re emphasizing defense behind the plate. 
  • Third base: The Yankees have been in contact with the agent for Kevin Youkilis, and according to Dan Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal, things have progressed to where they’ve requested Youkilis’ medical records. The Indians are also rumored to be in on Youkilis (remember, Youkilis played for Terry Francona in Boston). Reports have continued to connect the Yankees to Jeff Keppinger, with a two-year deal possible. The Yankees did check in on Jack Hannahan, but their interest isn’t considered to be serious. They haven’t bothered to ask the Padres about Chase Headley, according to the New York Times, knowing a trade isn’t possible.
  • Corner outfielder: ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that the Yankees are the early favorites for outfielder Nate Schierholtz, who is said to be progressing toward a deal. Cashman confirmed yesterday that he has also been in contact with the agent for Ichiro Suzuki, but said he had no new developments to speak to. It’s worth noting here that Cashman said if he gets a lefty bat to add to the outfield group of Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson, he’ll be focusing on finding a right-handed bat in the Andruw Jones category. They’ve had interest in Scott Hairston, who crushed lefties for a .867 OPS last year with the Mets.

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