Third base market thinning for Yankees

Kevin YoukilisThe Yankees beat writers had their annual Winter Meetings luncheon with manager Joe Girardi this afternoon. When the main course arrived, Jeff Keppinger had agreed to a three-year deal with the White Sox. By dessert, Eric Chavez was off the board as well, inking a one-year, $3 million deal with the D-backs.

Finding a short-term replacement for Alex Rodriguez doesn’t exactly seem to be going as smoothly as Brian Cashman might have hoped. The Yankees continue to be connected to Kevin Youkilis, and maybe that’ll turn out to be their best option.

Youkilis would probably welcome the passionate atmosphere of New York; some observers thought he was disappointed with the drop in intensity while going from the Red Sox to the White Sox. It remains to be seen if he’ll ultimately take a one-year deal, which would be the Yankees’ preference.

Perhaps the trade front is still the avenue the Yankees will take. There have been some rumblings that the Rangers might consider moving Michael Young, and the Pirates may even think about parting with Pedro Alvarez. One thing is for sure – as Girardi said on his way to Cashman’s suite for an update, the Yankees have plenty of work to do.


I don’t see any way Yankee fans could ever warm up to Youkilis. He personifies, more than any other player in recent history…(maybe ever) the extreme dislike (hatred) we have for the Red Sox. In pinstripes he would be booed out of the stadium the first time he killed a rally by hitting into a double-play. I would be amazed if there is any real interest in Youk…just Cash doing his due diligence (leading the media around by the nose).

Unlike many commenters, I am a Brian Cashman fan, and if you look back at most of his best moves…they come out of nowhere, he plays his cards very close to the vest…often with no advance rumors. I expect him to do his best Bullwinkle imitation any day now…”watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat”, that will have us all saying “I didn’t see that coming”.


How pathetic is it that the Yanks with all of their money don’t have any semblance of a farm system that can supply them with players. Until Cashman is out of there, this great organization will continue to disintegrate. Not only are they unable to develop quality talent, the few that they do develop get shipped out.Both Cashman and Girardi need to go in order to save them from absolute disaster.


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